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A little bit about Eco Tech Roofing:

Our specialties include the professional installation of residential and commercial roofing systems with a focus on energy savings. Did you know that most roofs in Texas are installed with improper or deficient ventilation? Well, this deficiency causes utility bills to skyrocket in the summer months as well as shortening the lifespan of the roofing system. Other problems such as mold can form from moisture getting trapped in the attic. Eco-Tech Roofing & energy solutions calculates the size of the attic to the specific ventilation requirements. Our experts can perform a survey to maximize your home's efficiency. We don't just "throw" on a roof, our roofing staff are trained by the roofing manufacturing companies on the proper installation techniques for different types of roofing. In other words the roof is installed correctly! Our roofs give years of the best performance.

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Phone: 972-922-3606

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