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Why you need Professional Landscape Maintenance: An Interview with Chris Lee of Earthworks

By Chris Lee

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Our company was founded as a landscape maintenance provider in 1979 since that time we've added irrigation services, design/build services, tree care and sustainability services to our repertoire. We currently operate throughout North Texas as well as performing installation services throughout Texas and Oklahoma. We strive to provide exceptional value by combining high quality designs and materials with fair and competitive pricing. We place our clients' needs first as we truly believe that as long as we do that, things will work out well for us.

What are a few areas of one's yard that require frequent maintenance

Typically the area of any yard that requires the most maintenance is the turf areas. These will typically be maintained weekly during the growing season while beds and other plants may only need to be maintained monthly or not at all depending on the design and plant selection.

What are some lawn maintenance services that professionals have the ability to handle where homeowners may not?

Typically I would say that you would want to involve professionals when it comes to the initial design and plant selections, it can be very expensive to learn what works and doesn't through trial and error. Also when it comes to more technical care such as disease and pest control as well as fertilization and weed control, I would strongly recommend consulting with or employing a professional.

In your opinion, what is the biggest benefits of hiring a professional versus trying to do it yourself?

The biggest benefit of hiring a professional is twofold. It's typically cheaper in the long run because it's done right the first time (If you use a good contractor), there's no wasted money or chemicals and there's no chance of unexpected consequences (killing something by treating it incorrectly or at the wrong time of year). Secondly the results will be superior as the contractor will know the exact time of season, temperature and rate of application. Also the contractors typically have access to products that are more effective but require a license to obtain.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

We encourage prospective clients to visit our website, www.earthworksdfw.com, to learn more about our services or to contact us with questions. Also we can be reached at our principal office at 817-477-3910.

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