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What You Need to Know About Purchasing Texas Ranch or Farm Land

By Tabitha Naylor

There are several things you need to keep in mind to find quality ranch land in Texas. These tips will help you identify and avoid potential problems:


Are you looking to buy an operational ranch or farm that you expect to work to earn your living or are you looking for a "gentleman's farm or ranch" where you can keep a few animals for you own family but not ranch or farm commercially. This decision is vital to locating the right property.

Water Source

Ensuring the ranch or farmland has a viable water source is a primary concern. You need water for the livestock, for crops you plan to grow, and for your own home. If there is no water source on the property or a communal water source available to the property you will find it difficult if not impossible to run your ranch, so make certain that you have the rights to water on the property before you purchase any ranch or farmland. You may also have to dig a well and if so, you should carefully check out all regulations and costs prior to committing to the property purchase.

Boundary Lines

Before purchasing any property you should have it surveyed so you know the exact boundaries of your property and everything that lies within and around it.


Look for properties with easy access roads into and out of the ranch or farm into town. Verify any easement agreements, and rights before completing any land purchase. You don't want to buy a property that is landlocked or unreachable because of access easements or rights.

Flood Zones

Avoid buying land located in a flood zone. Take the time to properly research whether or not all or parts of the ranch, or farm lie in a flood zone. Floods can wipe out your livestock, and your buildings, and be very costly, or impossible to insure.

Grazing Land

If you plan to keep livestock on your ranch or farm you will need plenty of grass. Although you can provide livestock with hay and other feeds it is much more expensive than buying a property that has several good grass pastures. The more livestock you plan to have the more grass you will want to have.


If you will have livestock on your ranch or farm it is crucial that the land has adequately shaded areas. Animals need shade for those log hot, summer days so they can thrive. Animals do not do well when they are out in the sun all of the time.


Many weeds are toxic to livestock so it is vital you understand what weeds are on the property so you can protect your animals. A property with too many dangerous weeds is probably not a wise investment if you will be ranching livestock.

Existing Wildlife on the Property

When you are searching for your ranch or farm property you should research the types of wildlife currently on the property. There are some types of wildlife you may not want on the property because they can pose a threat to your livestock.

Following these tips will help you avoid potential problems but working with an experienced ranch and farming real estate agent is your best protection to avoid making a serious error in choosing your dream ranching or farming property.

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