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Weird Texas Town Names

The state of Texas has a number of weird town names that one wouldn't necessarily think of off the top of their head. Some refer to national monuments or points of interest that are in fact nowhere near the state of Texas while others refer to foods, major cities in other states or places outside of the country. If you're ready to travel to a state where the town names are all but ordinary, consider a trip to Texas, where you don't have to go far to embark on a journey to Whitehouse, Earth or even Sugar Land.

Sunny Names for a Sunny State

Texas has many different weird names for towns that resemble the sun. In fact, this sunny state includes towns such as:

  • Sunnyside
  • Sundown
  • Sunset

Edible Towns?

Some of the weirdest town names in Texas will actually make your mouth water! These edible names include:

  • Noodle
  • Bacon
  • Sugar Land
  • Salty

Texas Towns from Other States

You may not realize you're even in Texas when you hear the name of towns such as Atlanta, Detroit and Boston but in fact, although these are major cities in some states, they are also the names of towns in the heart of Texas. Additional town names that happen to be major cities in other states include:

  • Colorado City
  • Miami
  • Reno
  • Memphis

Texas Towns from Other Countries

Some would say that traveling to Texas is much like traveling to another country, especially when you hear names such as Egypt, Turkey and Ireland. These three Texas towns are also major countries overseas, many miles away from Texas. Additional towns in Texas that have unusual names which are more prominently used in other countries include:

  • London
  • Athens
  • China

Some Other Weird Towns in Texas

These aren't the only weird town names in the state of Texas. Additional towns that may make you wonder a little bit if you heard the name correctly include:

  • Earth
  • Venus
  • Tarzan
  • Bigfoot
  • Energy
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