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Wedding Photographs with Character at Jonathan Ivy Photography

By S. Mathur

The stunning portfolio pictures capture all the subtle moments and emotions that make each wedding a unique event: the bride with her mother and bridesmaid putting the final touches to her dress, the father giving his daughter a look full of love and pride as they enter the church, the solemnity and the joyfulness, the rich symbolism of the bridal jewelry set out ready for the ceremony, the quiet moment apart as bride and groom share a private joke, and of course, the flowers.

It therefore comes as something of a surprise to learn that Jonathan Ivy Foster's college degree is not in photography or art but in business. He learned photography the natural way, by taking photographs: "It was all organic. I was working for another media company and going to school. Once I graduated I started taking photos with another wedding photographer as a side project, fast forward 8 years later and here we are! I already knew I understood and enjoyed media based work so I went to college for a business degree, as did my wife, so that when we started our own company, we would know how to run it."

Weddings are by definition photogenic events, but it can be difficult to move beyond the visual cliches to produce stunning images that are also art.

Owner & Business Manager Samantha Lauren Foster says that it takes "The ability to capture people and things in their natural beauty. We are not artsy, we are organic! For weddings and portraits we love the fact that we are capturing life's most indelible moments to be appreciated and shared for a lifetime. It is an honor every time someone asks us to capture their wedding. It isn't difficult to capture the moment, it is difficult to capture the moment at the perfect angle with the perfect lighting in the most flattering way possible. These are not poses, they are instances and they happening fast and back to back, you have to know your craft to do it well."

Specializing in wedding and engagement photographs and portraits, Foster says, "We offer luxury wedding and commercial photography with a natural look. Like I said before, we are not trying to create unique art with every one of your photos, we are attempting to naturally capture the beauty of each event we attend." In all cases, the photographers work closely with individuals to capture their unique character and story.

Their attention to each client also sets the Fosters apart. She says, "We also have two owners, and this means at any point you have an owner working for you. Whether we're out and about taking photos or in the studio answering phones and creating albums, the customer service is unbeatable."

Does Foster have any tips for those attempting to take quality pictures? "Lighting, good lighting will revolutionize a photo," she says, "Step outside if you have to so you can snag some natural light."

For more information about Jonathan Ivy and his gorgeous photos take a look here at Houston Photographers.

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