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Ventilation and Your Roof with Larry Williams of Aegis Quality Services

By Larry Williams

Tell us a little bit about your experience, company history and the services you offer.

We started Aegis Quality Services (AQS) in 2004 to serve the residential market in the DFW area. We started our focus on residential composition re-roofing and repair. We were asked to expand our services, and we did. We also install improvements in attic ventilation, skylight repairs, custom chimney caps. With hail storms we were asked to comb AC fins, re-stain fences. We also were pulled into home remodeling. We work closely with home insurance so we can get our customers a fair claim and get the work completed on their home.

What's one of the biggest challenges that homeowners face when it comes to ventilation and their roofs?

There is little or no ventilation from the original home builder and the same has been repeated on the following roof replacements. There is a minimum level of intake (cooler) of air coming into the attic that brings cooler and drier air into the house attic. This is done with gable and soffit vents. These vents allow air to come into the house attic to cool off that portion of the house and help remove moisture in the attic. Once the air gets hot, it should be released from the attic with ridge vents, wind turbines and roof louvers. These allow the hot air and moisture to escape out of the top of the attic through the roof. There is a minimum amount of each of these vents that a house should have. There is also a ratio to be met of intake to exhaust that should be met. Once these vents are working properly, then the air conditioning system can work properly and not have to fight the higher temperatures in the attic. This translates into lower cooling costs and longer life of your new roof and AC equipment.

What are the most popular roofing ventilation materials you install and how long does the process take from start to finish?

The best ventilation materials that we use are the Lowe's soffit vents for intake. We use them because they have the thickest metal so they are tougher than other commonly used brands. The Tamko Cool Ridge vent has the best rain stopping baffles that block the wind driven rain water but allow the hot air to escape. The externally braced Lomanco wind turbines are the best on the market. We have had zero quality issues with any of these vents.

What are some important things a homeowner should consider before hiring a roofing contractor?

Check their background. Look at the Better Business Bureau, are they accredited? What is their rating? How many complaints on file? Do they have general liability insurance? If so, ask to see the certificate. Call the generally liability company on the certificate to validate they are actively insured. Can you Google them and find problems with the owner or the company? Reviews help. Almost everyone can provide a review on a company online these days. Lastly, ask for and call their references.

Can you explain the typical length of a roof warranty and what it should cover?

Roof warranties range from one year to lifetime, with the typical around 2 to 3 years. Basically this is a timeframe a roofer feels comfortable backing up his work. The shorter the time frame, the less likely they used the best products and procedures. We only used time tested products and procedures to insure a long roof life. For example, we always install new felt and valley metal, this catches any water that get's under the shingles, to get it off the roof. We only install our roofs with hand nailing. This is a much better procedure than using a gun to install the shingles which most roofers use. We use Storm Guard around any high risk areas such as chimneys, skylights and low pitch areas. This better seals the nails in that area. We back up our work with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our workmanship on our new roofs.

What's the best way for people to reach you and your company?

Call us at 214-632-7282 or email us at larry@aegisqs.com. Visit our website at www.aegisqs.com

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