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Two Rivers Yoga: A Return to the Basics

By Marina Jokic

"Yoga can have boundless effects on one's body, mind, and spirit," Sara Dasso, owner of Two Rivers Yoga, said. "Regular practice will help alleviate imbalances in the body through both strength and flexibility."

Dasso encourages beginners to start with the basics courses which run at a slower pace and allow for more individualized attention by the instructor. Focusing on rudimentary body alignment and awareness, the courses provide a solid foundation for continuing yoga practice.

There are also more advanced lessons in various yogic traditions for experienced practitioners. The team at Two Rivers Yoga consists of ten instructors, who are professionally certified and possess years of teaching experience.

Dasso has been a lifelong athlete, growing up a competitive swimmer and playing Division I Lacrosse at the collegiate level. As an officer in the U.S. Army, she trained hundreds of soldiers who had to be in physical condition. Today, as a yoga instructor, Dasso's goal is to introduce the practice of yoga to people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

"All of us at Two Rivers Yoga have been profoundly impacted by the practice of yoga," Dasso said. "It has brought us through times of darkness, helped us find balance amidst chaos, and taught us how to be present and joyful during each moment of our daily lives."

At Two Rivers Yoga, students are exposed to a wide range of asanas or yogic postures, breath work, and relaxation techniques. Courses span the gamut of yogic discipline including Kundalini yoga and meditation, Ashtanga, Heart Centered Flow, Vinyasa, and Kripalu to name a few. For instance, Kundalini yoga places emphasis on meditations designed to quiet and center the mind. A good complement to meditative practice, Kripalu yoga is an alignment-based flowing series of asanas that bend and stretch the spine and lengthen the body.

"We teach to the whole student, working to address physical, emotional, and spiritual needs," Dasso said. "Over time, the practice of yoga will make your body strong and balanced, help your mind become clear and focused, and strengthen your spiritual life."

To be a good yoga teacher, one must live out the yogic practice in everyday life. A teaching legacy, yoga is passed from one generation of instructors to the next at Two Rivers Yoga. Teachers are eager to share the practice's many benefits with their students, and hope to impart them with the wisdom and mindfulness that have enriched their own lives.

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