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Twist Power Yoga Brings Relaxation To The Masses

By Elisha Neubauer

Despite the growing popularity of the practice of yoga, some smaller areas are still severely lacking in their offerings of quality studios. This causes avid practitioners to have to travel for their classes, which can cost time, money, and undue stress.

This is exactly what led Julie Hofmeister to launch Twist Power Yoga.

"For years I drove in rush hour traffic across town to practice yoga," Hofmeister said. "Aside from wasting time in the car, the stress of getting there and back would undermine the bliss I had achieved during my practice."

Hofmeister longed for someone to open a vinyasa yoga studio in her area, but alas, it didn't seem to be happening. After much conversation between herself and her husband, she decided she would wait no longer and took matters into her own hands.

"I had faith that if I was craving a local studio others in the neighborhood probably were, too," Hofmeister said.

For Hofmeister, yoga was more than just a physical exercise. To her, it was the ultimate combination of physical practice and mindful awareness. She believed yoga did more than just make her physically stronger, but that it made her a better person in her everyday life.

While many start the practice as a less-aggressive method to get into shape, it's the multitude of other benefits that make them stick with it. Yoga can increase muscle tone and flexibility, improve energy levels, decrease weight levels, and improve circulation. It can also decrease stress, increase mental alertness, and equip practitioners with the ability to handle life's stresses with more patience and grace.

If you're looking to try yoga but you think it looks too complicated, don't worry. Hofemeister promised it's easier than you think. For those looking to ease into getting started, Twist Power Yoga offers an eight-class True Beginners series several times throughout the year.

"Learning the poses is not hard," she said. "The harder part of yoga is learning and sticking with the mental practice."

As Hofmeister alluded, the art of yoga isn't necessarily in the physical aspect of the practice, but rather the mental side. She explained that the practice is more like a moving meditation than a physical exercise, but if done correctly will leave you feeling as if you've just finished a good massage.

Yoga is a very personal practice. What works for some won't necessarily work for others. To that end, Twist Power Yoga gives guests a range of teachers and courses, so that you can find what works for you.

"I tell people to sign up for our intro special and come and try as many different classes and teachers as they can to see what feels best to them," Hofmeister said.

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