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Trusted Industrial Wastewater Treatment System Designer Has Begun Testing on a Commercial and Residential Treatment System

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

You cannot lead from behind, the saying goes. In the forefront of the wastewater industry is family-owned A Brite Company (ABC), designing wastewater treatment systems for industries since 1982. This Garland company also is experienced in research development, manufacturing and servicing of metal finishing and environmental chemistry equipment with expertise and service in household power/hand tools and kitchen fixtures circuitry, automotive aerospace, electronics, costume jewelry, oil and gas and military/munition.

Back to wastewater. Membrane Recovery Systems Specialist Tony Coward explains, "Industrial users can consume thousands of gallons of water per day. When a large company can effectively reuse a significant amount of 'wastewater', the effect is multiple." With reuse comes great savings in water costs.

How does this transfer over to residential water consumption and reuse? Gray water from laundry, bathtubs, showers and bathroom sinks and is able to be treated and reused as potable water. Black water from sewers/toilets has biological material that may cause health issues. It is difficult to treat and reuse the gray water inside a home as gray and black waters are both currently plumbed together. Plumbing codes need to change across America to separate these used water types so we are able to treat and reuse gray water. ABC believes that better reuse of gray water leads to better stewardship of our limited fresh water supplies.

There is a stigma attached to the drinking of treated water. However, Coward provides details to change our minds: "Although our planet is literally covered with water, the amount that we can drink is somewhere between 2.5% to 3%. All the water that comes to our homes and businesses has been treated in some fashion. Either mechanically through filtration, or by the addition of toxic chemicals like chlorine." If the astronauts can drink treated wastewater, then so can all Americans. "Space flight and exploration was made possible in great part by being able to reduce the amount of weight sent aloft as drinking water," Coward reminds us.

ABC's longevity and distributorships in Arizona, Texas and Minnesota show that their products do sell. With more and more homeowners concerned about "green" features, ABC is in the process of rolling out a wastewater treatment system designed for homes and businesses. "We have designs for residential systems and within a few months will have a beta test unit installed at one of our residences to begin gathering data for expansion into commercial and residential markets," notes Coward.

ABC wants homeowners to change the way wastewater is viewed to help conserve what little fresh water is on this planet. With a new mindset, each American may just be ready for their own residential wastewater treatment system in the near future.

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