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Three Balloons Entertainment Bring Out Your Inner Child

By Elisha Neubauer

For those looking to engage children in a unique and educational manner in the Houston area, Three Balloons Entertainment is exactly what you need. Created by a group of educators, puppeteers, mothers, and children psychologists, Three Balloons Entertainment is a mobile program which travels to Tradeshows, Corporate Events, Schools, Libraries, Churches, Daycares, Birthday Parties, and more.

Three Balloons Entertainment offers unique, fun, and educational puppet shows and marionette shows. They also present puppet workshops for kids and adults, interactive activities for kids of all ages, storytelling, and arts and crafts. They also have a Toddlers Play, Learn & Laugh program, which includes educational and fun activities for babies and toddlers that include a series of educational toys and games.

The staff of Three Balloons Entertainment strive to provide an atmosphere which allows and encourages children to interact, sing, and dance with the puppets.

"All of our puppets shows and entertainment activities have a specific purpose," Geraldine Semtei, Creative Advisor and Playwright for Three Balloons Entertainment, said. "And even though they all look like a lot of fun on the outside, they are actually designed to teach/reinforce creative, social, cognitive and motor skills."

Each performer of Three Balloons is highly trained to work with children in one format or another, making them skilled in tailoring performances to the age groups they are working with. They always allow their inner child out to play when creating performance pieces as well as when they interact with the young audiences.

"We select activities, puppets and/or games that match the age group being entertained," Semtei explained. "It's never too fun for a toddler to be sitting still for long periods of time listening to a person for example."

For the staff of Three Balloons Entertainment, it isn't just a job. They love what they do. It is a hobby, a passion; one that they were able to turn into a career. Nothing pleases them more than being able to make children happy while promoting creativity and imagination.

"Being a kid is tough work, and our goal is to create fun times and memories while teaching valuable life lessons," Semtei said.

Three Balloons Entertainment is the only puppet show in the Houston area which is able to provide educational entertainment to children in dual languages.

"We identified an opportunity to provide Spanish speaking children with educational entertaining programs in Spanish (also available in English) through puppetry, story-telling, music, dancing, and other related activities," Semtei said.

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