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The Salt Cave of Southlake Encourages Visitors to Relax, Breathe, and Detox

By Kelly Church

Halotherapy isn't your average holistic health treatment. Using controlled air that simulates the climate of a natural salt cave, in layman's terms, halotherapy is salt therapy that can be used to treat a wide variety of health concerns. The Salt Cave of Southlake uses this type of treatment in their spa, claiming it's more than just a health trend; it's been agreed upon for centuries as having great effects on the body.

During a salt treatment, the treatment room is filled with salt dust as guests relax and breathe. Breathing the air supposedly removes pollen and loosens mucus in the body allowing for an overall reduction in inflammation. The idea is with this process, guests are able to breathe easier and the body is able to heal itself more efficiently. The Salt Cave of Southlake says on their website that salt therapy has shown 90% effectiveness, even reducing asthma for up to three years.

"Salt therapy at The Salt Cave of Southlake is 100% anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial," Shelly Jackson, Owner and Registered Nurse, says. "These amazing properties help treat the symptoms of many common ailments, including cold [and] flu, asthma, allergies, as well as skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema and acne. Our clients on average come in weekly, but we have plans available for unlimited use or packages to be used as needed."

With four different treatment rooms, The Salt Cave of Southlake can accommodate any type of person. The kids salt cave (pictured below) uses Himalayan rock salt and features four inches of rock salt on the floor, like sand, for kids to play in. The walls are decorated for kids, and there are toys and books in the room to keep kids entertained during their 45-minute session. The relax salt cave uses the same Himalayan rock salt as adults enjoy comfortable lounge chairs.

The yoga salt cave (pictured above) takes the relaxation to the next level, combining halotherapy with yoga. Guests practice halo yoga in the salt caves, taking deep breaths and allowing the ionized air to get deeper into the lungs. The salt bed is the most high-tech room on the property, featuring a computer-controlled, glass-enclosed bed that flows pure Himalayan salt crystals through the lungs.

Plans for kids start at $20 for a single session and $40 for adults. There are bundled packages available as well, offering five sessions and ten sessions. Guests can also opt to sign up for unlimited months, allowing them to receive salt treatments as frequently as they want. These plans start at $69 per month for kids and $99 per month for adults. Appointments can be booked by calling or signing up online.

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