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The Importance of Hiring an Interior Designer: An Interview with Jane Reece of R Designs

By Jane Reece

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

R Designs is a small Austin-based interior design firm with big projects! Owner/Designer, Jane Reece, leads the team with a unique vision. Our projects range from surface décor to complete demolitions and renovations.

What are some of the services your company provides?

R Designs provides an overall design of a space from wall colors to window coverings to artwork, lighting, flooring, surface selections as in countertops, etc. Projects begin with a design concept, a presentation, the client's approval, purchasing and then installing. Everything from start to finish is overseen by R Designs, whether it's a décor-oriented project or a full renovation or remodel. We also offer smaller services such as paint color selections or a quick refresh of a current space.

In your opinion, why is it important to utilize the services of an interior designer?

An interior designer has a wide-angle vision of a completed project, which includes every detail from start to finish. There is an art to being able to see the finished product from the beginning, even before the project has begun. Often clients believe they know what to select, for example, but are not able to see how everything will fit together in the end. There is also the intimidating factor of knowing where, how, and from whom to select goods. Interior designers typically have fabulous resources, which are more unique than the standard fair available to the public. The designer saves the client time, money and often bad choices by being the person responsible for making selections and then implementing them.

How does the vision of an interior designer differ from that of the average homeowner?

Interior designers typically have a natural ability to start with, but then are also trained to know what is the best solution for a space. Jane Reece not only studied interior design, she was raised in a family of home builders. She also has many years of experience, which has helped Jane hone in on her skills. Experience equals knowledge. The average home owner is not a designer. Most of the time they know what they like, but don't know how to pull it together. Leave it up to the designer to make that happen for you!

Can hiring an interior designer help me to save money in the long run? Will they help me budget?

Yes. Typically the cost of a designer can frighten a client into thinking it will be too much of an added cost, when in reality it can save the client money, time and mistakes. A designer is a guide for the client, a person who makes sure that the client's choices make sense, are long lasting, add value to the home and to their experience of enjoying their space. Even if adding a designer to your budget does increase your spending, in the long run you will be happy you did not do it all alone. It's the designer's job to make sure the end product is of worth to the client. And yes, a designer can certainly help budget a project.

What are some design elements I can add to my home that will really increase its value?

It's widely known that updated kitchens and bathrooms add value to a home. R Designs has renovated multiple kitchens and bathrooms for clients not only to enjoy while living there, but also for the end result of increased value when selling their home in the future. This is one reason it is very important to get it right the first time, whether it's a matter of functionality and/or the overall look and feel of these spaces.

Do interior designers have access to resources that the overage homeowner does not?

Yes, in most cases, interior designers have accounts that can only be accessed by people in the trade. Designers also have knowledge of what unique products and services are out there, whereas an average homeowner only knows what they see on the generic market. And who wants their home to look like everyone else's? It's best to have your space stand out from others, and designers can make this happen by utilizing their professional resources unavailable to the general public.

Do you have any other insight on why hiring an interior designer is important?

It happens frequently that a new client comes with the story of already having tried to decorate or renovate without a designer and made choices that did not work. After spending unnecessary funds and time, they eventually realize they need a professional. When a client chooses to release their project to a designer, the skill, expertise, resources and vision of the designer can save the client a lot of headache and save them from making mistakes. In addition, a designer is an artist. Jane Reece for example can see past what's currently in a space and turn it into something a client on his/her own would not have thought of. This is incredibly valuable.

What is the best way to reach you or your company?

The best way to reach R Designs by Jane Reece is by calling 512-516-1788 or emailing jane@janereece.com For more information, visit the website at www.janereece.com.

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