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The Fun is Literally Written on the Walls at Dallas's Adair's Saloon

By Elisha Neubauer

Adair's Saloon stands apart from its competitors in a way nobody could have seen coming. While most restaurants are busy scrubbing the artistic scribbles of teens and intoxicated adults from the tabletops and bathroom walls, Adair's embraces these quirks- carving out a name for themselves amongst the doodles.

We sat down with Joel Morales, co-owner of Adair's Saloon, to discuss this unique establishment; and we just loved what he had to say about the eclectic décor. "The writing is literally on the wall," Morales chuckled. "It has been tradition since opening in the original spot, in 1963, to leave your mark on the wall, tables, floor, et cetera, so that when you come back, you ramble aimlessly looking for where you last signed."

This nifty little arrangement between staff and guests has allowed for the space to blossom, becoming a truly unique artistic representation of the patrons and staff that have walked the floors before. Great for ice breaking conversations over dinner, the doodles add an ambiance to your dining experience unlike any other eatery or bar.

Adding to the casual atmosphere of the bar is the fantastic live music. "We are one of the last of a dying breed of bar," says Morales. "Basically your hole in the wall, dive bar, with live, Texas music, cold beer and great burgers." Live music echoes through the joint seven days a week, supporting the greatest upcoming bands in the industry.

Adair's Saloon strives to be a platform for the best of the best of the indie scene, allowing them to fine tune their performances before a packed house, no matter the day of the week. "Jack Ingram got his start at Adair's," Morales details. "Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland, Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Stoney LaRue (plus so many more), have passed through Adair's on more than one occasion, when they were working their way up the ladder."

These concerts, each and every single one of them, are completely free to the patrons of Adair's Saloon. When we asked Morales why this was, we received an answer that seemed fitting, given the casual, no-rules atmosphere of this local sensation. "That's the way it has always been. If it ain't broke...", he said with a smile. "The decision was made long before me, never really thought of asking why, it is what it is."

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