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The Facts About Your Moving Estimate: An Interview with Nate Campbell of Smooth Moves Houston

By Nate Campbell

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer

Smooth Moves has a rooted history in the Relocation Industry of Houston. With over 35 years experience the owners of Smooth Moves has hands on experience in local and city to city as well as interstate moves. We specialize in providing a hands off white glove stress free moving service for Houston, San Antonio and Austin alike!

Is there something important that people should know about getting an estimate from a moving company?

The most important thing is trust. You have to use a company you trust. After all, you are entrusting all your belongs to safely being shipped from one destination to another without any hiccups. Residential relocation is no easy task, so it is important to go with a company and brand name you trust regardless of pricing model. The more responsible companies tend to charge higher rates for their services.

How do you calculate an estimate and what the cost to move a household will be?

We have options that are suitable for our customers specific situation. While we encourage our hourly rates pricing model, which allows us to be paid based on the amount of time your move takes, we may also provide you with a flat rate binding estimate for your move. A binding estimate is a specific set pricing number for the total services inclusive relating to your move. Regardless of the pricing model our rate structure is set up so that our movers are paid based on the amount of work involved along with associated equipment, insurance and gas cost. This allows us to give a higher end service with more competitive rates.

Are there any extra charges that could possibly raise or lower an estimate?

Long carries, specialty items such as pianos or pool tables, additional stops and pickups, etc.

After people receive an estimate, what questions should they ask the moving company to make sure that everything is included?

It is of the upmost importance to ensure that all discussed rates are tied to official documentation. This allows clarification between what sales reps say and what is actually billable for the services completed. Smooth Moves always provides a .pdf quote with the numbers we discuss with our customers prior to our move.

What advice do you have for a homeowner who has a limited budget but doesn't necessarily want to go with the company who provided the lowest estimate?

Many companies are understanding to the fact that moving can be expensive. Smooth Moves takes a sympathetic approach to our customers facing financial difficulties. We offer financing and also the opportunity to split payments for your move to ensure that your moving cost doesn't throw off any of your additional monthly living expenses.

Contact Us

The best way to reach Smooth Moves is to contact us directly at our local 832-409-7572 or visit www.smoothmoveshouston.comfor more information. Email us @ info@smoothmoveshouston.com.

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