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The Bobaddiction Boys are Bringing Delicious, Gourmet Taiwanese Boba Tea to Dallas

By Paul Rowe

Very recently, boba tea has become immensely popular in the United States. Bubble tea is an incredible desirable beverage, and not many Americans are aware of what makes this beverage so tantalizing. Luckily, Bobaddiction food trucks are making this product increasingly available to the people of Dallas, Texas.

"I'm Taiwanese, have been to Taiwan ten times over, and can tell you firsthand that there's a boba tea shop on every corner," says Bobaddiction owner Randy Hu. "Due to the growing Asian population in the United States and the United States' growing interest in other cultures, boba tea has naturally become more and more popular."

All over the U.S., people are starting to take a step back and question what they are putting in their bodies, opting for teas and juices over sodas. Boba tea makes an incredibly healthy alternative for these formerly celebrated unhealthy drinks.

"There's no denying how delicious, refreshing, and versatile boba tea is with all the flavor combinations, types of teas, and add-ons such as boba, pudding, and jellies," says Hu. "And of course, every great cup of boba has one thing in common: perfectly cooked and sweetened tapioca pearls, also known as boba, which should be have a springy and chewy (known as 'QQ' in Taiwan) as opposed to mushy or slimy texture. Real boba, our boba, should taste like honey."

To ensure richness, authenticity, and consistency in flavor, each unique, signature tea flavor at Bobaddiction is brewed, mixed, and taste tested daily, so customers can be sure they are drinking fresh, delicious tea on a daily basis.

"Pre-making all of our flavors also gives the added benefit of allowing the customer to taste test any drink they'd like, which is something no other boba tea shop offers," says a passionate Hu. "Our drinks are unique for three main reasons: our focus on high quality ingredients, the way we assure the quality and consistency of our drinks, and the fact that any customer can taste test any drink before they buy it!"

Unlike most boba teashops in the States, Bobaddiction refuses to use high fructose corn syrup, preferring rock sugar instead. Favoring fresh ingredients such as fresh purees and coconut milk over flavored syrups defines Bobaddiction's uncommon flavors.

Bobaddiction has brought classic beverages such as jasmine milk tea, honeydew milk tea, Vietnamese coffee, Thai tea, taro milk tea, and passion fruit green tea from the night markets of Taipei to the streets of Dallas. Boba is a true addiction and has sweept the nation thanks to food trucks like Bobaddiction. Texans, unite: it's time to get your "boba" on!

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