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Sweats Fitness: Functional Training For Everyday Strength and Stamina

By Marina Jokic

Functional training is becoming wildly popular these days with more and more people wanting a workout that is practical and that conditions the body to avoid injuries. Sweats Fitness in Saginaw, Texas fits the bill when it comes to efficient and challenging exercise routines that promote joint mobility and balance. The pragmatism of Sweats Fitness doesn't stop with their classes. For busy parents, there is a child care area, for instance. Group personal training and one-on-one lessons as well as fitness assessments and accountability check-ins are just the tip of the iceberg.

To ensure the broadest level of student satisfaction, all training sessions are customized to individual abilities and previous fitness experience. This allows all sessions to be challenging yet enjoyable regardless of whether you are a novice or a professional athlete. Sweats Fitness owner and certified trainer Jennifer Nelson wants to reinvent fitness by making it more applicable to real life and more accessible to busy professionals and especially parents. Nelson also holds a USPA Coach Practitioner certification which comes in handy during her one-on-one sessions.

"Functional training in our perspective is training your body to improve strength and endurance to withstand everyday movements," Nelson said. "There are more movements your body should be ready for other than just walking to and from point A to point B [such as] squatting properly to pick up children, pets, packages [or groceries]."

A key component of training at Sweats is their boot camp, which was first offered in 2010 to great accolades. When people hear the words "boot camp" they usually cringe in fear. But Nelson wants to dispel that myth. There are no military salutes, camouflage, whistles, or drill instructors at Sweats. Instead, you will be greeted with camaraderie and encouragement from your teachers and peers alike.

The boot camp is geared toward giving you a cardio workout that uses weights but primarily your own body weight to build endurance. There is no yelling at this camp but rather cheers of encouragement and praise. Some of Sweats' exercises are simple while others have a higher degree of difficulty, but you can go at your own pace without feeling pressured.

"We help train people on [many] different platforms to improve your strength, endurance and mental stamina [and to be] ready for any curveball life throws at you," Nelson said. "Imagine growing [weaker] as you grow older; you don't want to be that grandparent [who] can't play with [his or her] grandchildren because it hurts to get up and down."

Other classes include Pound, Dance Party, and Triple Threat which emphasize a comprehensive cardio workout combined with fun and engaging moves. Open gym time allows students to work on their own and improve certain problem areas. All in all, Sweats Fitness is not a typical gym but instead a health-centered community that pushes you outside of your comfort zone, but also gives you freedom and flexibility to go at your own pace.

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