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Stay Fit At Forged Fitness

By Keith Donaldson

Staying fit is hard but Forged Fitness in Fort Worth makes it fun. With personal training services, Forged Fitness has multiple options to help you stay fit and hit your fitness goals. Owner, coach and trainer Brandon Weimer took some time to answer some of our questions about his gym.

How can your personal training services help potential members get in shape?

We offer personal training and group training (we cap our classes at 10 participants to ensure everyone receives individual attention) and nutrition coaching services to help people attain their physical fitness goals. A couple advantages to group training is the development of a sense of community and our members being held accountable by one another, and not simply a coach or trainer. Our services are applicable for people of all fitness levels, from first time in a gym, some one who lost their motivation for health and fitness, or the regular gym goer looking for a new atmosphere/type of training. Our client & membership base ranges from in 11-75. Whether it is personal training or group training we can offer modifications for anyone.

How would you describe the layout and interior of your facility? What type of amenities are available?

The layout of the gym is completely open. As you walk in, our front desk is immediately on your right, then from there it is one big open space. We are a functional training gym so the first thing you see is weights, DB's, lots of squat racks, barbells, a rig (that we run some of our group training classes on) and open floor space. The restrooms and showers are contemporary with granite, tile, and glass sinks, clean, and appealing for people to use; which are located in the center of the gym. After you reach the end of the showers and restrooms you will see the other third of the gym is artificial turf (approximately 1600 square feet, of our 6000 square feet). Along the turf you will see lots of suspension training equipment (sets of rings), KB's, wallballs, medicine balls, slam balls, sleds, and two big tires and sledge hammers. We like to constantly vary our training styles and formats for our group training and personal training to keep things fresh so our members are always presented with new challenges/tasks.

What else would you like to convey to the public your fitness center? What do you enjoy about your job?

We really try to encourage people to live a healthy active lifestyle. We want to focus lifestyle and making small changes over time to help people get to where they want to be. This allows to much more adherence and long term results versus a diet and the cyclical pattern of better food choices and exercise utilization. If we can continuously be striving for a healthier lifestyle, the results will follow. Setting our clients up for small wins over and over which in time with dedication and consistency come big results. We have had several members successfully convert from a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle to living a happier, healthier and more active life inside and outside the gym and making new friends along the way whom have helped support and encourage their journey.

What I enjoy most about my job is when you start to see everything click for our members, when they realize they are capable of much more than what they think. The change is much more than a physical change. It is every bit as much, if not more of an emotional and mental transformation than it is a physical transformation. Watching people feel for comfortable in their skin, be more confident and push past what they thought they were physically capable is amazing to watch.

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