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Smart and Fun Decorating Tips for a Small Apartment

By Tiffany Raiford

Living in a small apartment has its perks (it doesn't take long at all to clean!) but it also has its down side. Small apartments are notoriously difficult to decorate. Most renters are limited because they aren't owners and options such as painting are often out of the question. Combine that with a small space and most renters have no idea how to decorate their small space in a fun and chic manner. The good news is that small spaces have just as much decorating potential as large ones, you just have to know what you're doing.

Multifunctional Pieces

It's not just a fun decorating tip; it's a genius decorating tip for small spaces. Your apartment will look great with its clutter free interior and its fun, funky furniture pieces. For example, a gorgeous ottoman with a removable top is a great way to store those extras. You can place your magazines, remotes, blankets and pillows in there so that they're easily within reach but not in sight. Additionally, everyone loves decorative baskets. They fit perfectly beneath coffee tables, side tables and even sofa tables. Even better; they fit all your children's toys and other extras so that clean up is quick and your house always looks elegant. Additionally, a lack of clutter makes small spaces look larger.


If you're into curtains or drapes, you'll want to know this professional decorating tip. To make your small apartment look much bigger, do what you can to draw the eye upward. This means removing your curtain rods from their current placement and repositioning them as close to the ceiling as possible. Next, just buy curtains that skim the floor. This immediately makes even the smallest spaces look larger to the naked eye.

Open Shelves

Open shelving and floating shelving is a great way to revamp the look and functionality of your small apartment. It can give you additional space in your kitchen on which to store your prettiest wine glasses and dishes. It gives you a place to show off all those great vacation photos in your living room. It even helps you store your personal needs in your bathrooms. For example, floating shelves in a bathroom allow you to store things like cotton balls and q-tips in lovely glass jars. You can roll your towels and place them on shelves for a lovely look. You can even store your lotions, perfumes, and makeup products in pretty baskets on your shelves. This leaves additional counter space and cabinet space, creating a larger looking room with some seriously cute décor.

Small spaces are not the end of the world. In fact, they can be just as much fun to design and decorate as any large space. However, just make sure you check with your landlord or building complex to see what you're allowed to do in terms of decorating. For example, some apartment complexes might not allow you to hang things from the walls.

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