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Should I Hire a Moving Company?

By Ben Levy

Regardless of how long you have spent in your current home, you have most likely acquired more stuff than you might think. Moving all of this stuff can be very time consuming and physically taxing. Hiring professional movers expedites the moving process and almost eliminates the chance of injuring yourself.

Benefits of using professionals

Professional moving companies will bring a truck with multiple movers and begin work immediately. This allows most houses to be able to be completely packed and moved to a new location within a day. These companies are also equipped with all the necessary supplies to safely transport your belongings; these include boxes, mats, and packing tape. In addition to loading your belongings into the truck the movers will also unload the truck, placing your boxes and appliances wherever you wish.

Costs of using professionals

There is always a chance that the movers will scratch your belongings. Though the company has insurance to cover all damaged property, if you have anything that is irreplaceable you may want to consider handling it yourself.

Moving companies have many factors when determining how much to charge you. You will certainly have to pay for the use of the truck and the movers. You will also most likely be charged for the number of boxes/weight of the goods you want transported. Depending on how far you are moving, you may also have to pay a set rate per mile. This is more common in long distance moves.

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