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Revivify Massage Therapy Promotes Natural Healing

By S. Mathur

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of medicine, using the body's own processes to promote health and recovery. Keith Clark, licensed massage therapist, believes that massage is much more than a luxury, as it helps to maintain physical health as well as mental clarity. Eastern medicine and Asian, Indian and African cultures accept massage therapy for its holistic and healing benefits, he noted.

"Natural healing is good for the body, mind, soul and spirit," he said, "Here in the western world, massage is seen more as a luxury than a necessity. At the very least, it should be seen as maintenance/preventative health care."

As well as being an LMT, Clark is a dance instructor, choreographer and dancer. He understands the kinds of demands that athletes and dancers place on their bodies. He uses different modalities and techniques, such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and Pregnancy Massage to provide targeted treatments. Revivify also offers reflexology treatments, myofascial relief, and stretching and range of motion massage. All sessions also incorporate elements of aromatherapy as well. The aromatherapy comes from his own line of aromatherapy products, designed and created by him titled KCC (Keith Clark Collection).

Clark and Revivify specialize in treating athletes, amateur and professional, as well as chronic pain of different kinds. These could include tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, low back pain and frozen shoulder. Services include bodywork, prenatal and pregnancy massage and even a quick fix.

Massage therapy can support healing processes in a number of ways. By addressing chronic pain issues through massage, individuals can avoid becoming too dependent on pharmaceuticals, or wearing their pain like a badge of honor, Clark says.

"Massage therapy can assist in physical healing by managing or alleviating low back pain, reducing muscle tension, enhancing exercise performance and reducing arthritic pain," he said. "It also assists chronic neck pain, increases range of motion, etc."

Massage also provides stress relief and relaxation, which assists in helping mental, emotional and physiological ailments. It can also temper the effects of dementia, assist in times of grief and offer other types of emotional support. Before beginning a session, clients are asked a few general questions about their health. If there are any health problems or medications, or if the client is under a doctor's care, a written recommendation for massage or bodywork may be required.

Clark believes in the health benefits or regular massage, and his clients would add that he is best suited for the job. His professionalism, knowledge, and attention to clients' needs all combine to produce remarkable results. For everything from stress reduction to sports injuries and chronic pain, his clients have come to rely on him for relief and recovery. Many are long-time regulars and will make a long commute through heavy traffic for their weekly appointments. It's also easy to schedule appointments through the online booking system.

You can schedule your appointment online at: revivify.massagetherapy.com

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