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Put Some Bounce in Your Workout with Z Zone Fitness Studio

By Elisha Neubauer

When it comes to getting the most out of your workout, regardless of your fitness level, working with an experienced instructor can add volumes of benefits to your time spent. The staff of Z Zone Fitness Studio wants you to know the benefits of group sessions, led by highly-trained, qualified instructors and what they have to offer at their state of the art facility.

"Exercises led by an experienced instructor provide the customer with the additional value of being watched and corrected from possible wrong postures and potential injuries," says Zaileth Escorcha, co-owner of Z Zone Fitness Studio. "Same way, the instructor explains the correct use of workout devices. Also, when working out with others, the stamina gets high and participants get inspired by the beat of the music, and the atmosphere around."

Z Zone strives to enhance your workout experience, so that each and every session is not only maximizing the benefits, but a fun experience in the process. "Z Zone is a fitness studio that offers group classes to make a memory from every class," details Escorcha. "Our instructors are motivators, they encourage, they inspire, they are the spark that fires everyone in the room to burn calories and have fun." In an effort to revolutionize the experience, Z Zone allows you to reserve your spot in class online, ensuring that your space is available and classes are never crowded and parking hassles are eliminated. "Also, here you can take classes that are not available anywhere else in Katy like Pole Fitness and JUMPING!" Escorcha continued, describing some of the facility's most popular courses.

"The most popular classes are Zumba®, a high-energy cardio class with Latin and international music that goes with easy to follow steps," says Escorcha. "JUMPING® classes, a new way of exercising with trampolines; and Tabata Bootcamp® which is a HIIT workout where we can use weights, steps, elastic bands, sliders and many other tools; every day the classes are different, so you never get bored!"

To ensure everyone can participate in all classes, instructors take the time to show a variety of workout steps for all levels. "Classes are for all fitness levels," states Escorcha. "For strengthening classes like Tabata Bootcamp® and TRX®, instructors show modification of exercises when participants show difficulty in the execution of an exercise, so they can keep up with the routine."

For those unfamiliar with the concept of JUMPING, Escorcha breaks it down for us. "JUMPING® is a new trend in the USA," Escorcha explains. In fact, the trend is so new that Z Zone is only the sixth gym in the nation to offer this workout. "The beauty of JUMPING® is the intense cardio you can develop on the trampoline and at the same time, it's a low impact exercise for the joints since the jump is on a trampoline, which absorbs the load specially in your knees."

According to Escorcha, the music is upbeat, making the jump high pace and fun. "It's like going back to the time we were kids," Escorcha exclaims. "For those looking for a hard strengthening training, there is JUMPING BOOTCAMP, which lasts 60 minutes and there are two rounds of tough circuit topped by an intense JUMPING song!"

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