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Purely Pilates Offers a Simple System to a More Resilient Body

By Marina Jokic

Pilates is well known for developing muscle tone, flexibility, and balance. Some people experience results even after a handful of sessions. Apart from its reputation as a stand-alone discipline, Pilates also makes a popular complement to competitive sports like tennis, running, or even golf. At Purely Pilates in Southlake, Texas, regular practitioners praise the exercises for their ability to tone the body and make it less prone to injury.

Stephanie Vanderbeck, owner of Purely Pilates, recommends a few private or semi-private sessions for beginners. Learning how to perform the movement correctly is absolutely essential for achieving maximum results.

Those who opt for hiring a professional instructor reap the benefits of their practice much earlier than those who don't. After picking up the fundamentals, you could consider moving to a group class and start learning from your peers as well. The key is not to be intimidated by all the machines, but to view them as tools for self-improvement.

Purely Pilates considers education a critical part of the experience so providing quality instruction is of utmost importance. Their professional instructors hold nationally recognized certifications that include a minimum of 450 hours of coursework, anatomy study, and hands-on training. Some even have degrees and specialized training in the particular offerings and even physical therapy.

"I really enjoy helping my clients feel better in their bodies, adding quality to their everyday lives," Vanderbeck said. "Our group classes are small, so you always get one-on-one attention; this is a neighborhood studio with a friendly, relaxed vibe."

The types of classes you will encounter at this studio are a blend of classic Pilates, Barre, and posture corrective. For instance, the Reformer offers a flowing sequence accessible to students of all experience levels. It emphasizes alignment and form, promoting toning and lengthening of the muscles. The class includes foundational to intermediate exercises with the addition of small props for more variety and extra challenge. The Springboard class integrates wall-mounted springboards with classic Pilates mat work that together target the abs, glutes, and arms.

Finally, their most unique class, the ELDOA Method, is designed to elongate the spine and promote good posture by deeply stretching the fascia that connects each spinal joint. Students leave the classes feeling taller and stronger even after their first session, and often report overcoming chronic back pain.

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