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Pile on the Toppings with Your Favorite Flavors at Lewisville's Tappy's Yogurt Shop

By S. Mathur

While frozen yogurt may not displace vanilla ice cream as Americans' favorite frozen dessert in the near future, it does offer some serious competition. Antonio Rega, Owner of Tappy's Yogurt lists some of the reasons why people prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream: "The number one reason being that it is a much healthier option. It has to do with the fact that Tappy's frozen yogurt is made with milk instead of the cream that is used to make ice cream, and this makes frozen yogurt way less fatty."

Less fat, and good bacteria known as probiotics make it a bette choice for your body, he adds: "It is an alternative that come as a low fat or fat free treat. It is made of live and active cultures and probiotics, "the good bacteria" that offer a range of known health benefits." At Tappy's Yogurt, this healthy treat comes in a choice of sixteen flavors and with more than fifty delicious toppings, like fresh cut strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, Cheesecake bites and almonds.

Taste plus quality are Tappy's recipe for success. Flavors are rotated through the seasons with selections like pomegranate energy and vitamin boost, praline, strawberry lemonade, cake batter, butter pecan, NY cheesecake, sea salt caramel pretzel, white chocolate milkshake, cookies and cream and strawberry shortcake.

And then there's the tangy and healthy Tappy's Original Tart. It's one of the the top selling flavors and comes packed with a very tangy yogurt taste, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium, all delivered with only 90 calories in a half cup.

The key to the health benefits of Tappy's frozen yogurt are the beneficial bacteria. These live and active cultures and probiotics, says Rega, "transform lactose into lactic acid, making it easier to digest. Replenishing the intestines with the good bacteria that are supposed to live there, aids greatly with digestion, boost the immune system and help to prevent the growth of many harmful and dangerous bacteria."

Most flavors are offered as a non-fat frozen yogurt or a low fat one. There are even sorbets, both with no sugar added or nonfat sorbet. Summer flavors include island coconut and mango and orange sorbets, while fall brings hazelnut gelato and butter pecan. For the holidays, naturally, there's marshmallow and candy cane.

The staff are friendly and do a great job keeping the place spotless, says Rega. The family-friendly atmosphere makes this a favorite spot for regular visits. Tappy's Yogurt also believes in giving back to community, and sponsors local activities and groups.

For more information feel free to visit their website at www.tappysyogurt.com.

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