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Partners-in-Flavor Crime at Garland's First and Only Gourmet Slider Truck

By Elisha Neubauer

Over the last few years, food trucks have become all the rage. They're popping up everywhere, from Orlando to NYC and cover everything from sushi to Mexican burritos. But while these mobile eateries are appearing from coast to coast, in Garland, Texas, there's one truck that's been ahead of the curve from day one.

Caroline Perini and Miley Holmes were two friends who were always on the hunt for what they called 'The Perfect Bite.' This search always left them wanting more, and in 2011, they decided to take matters into their own hands. With Perini's Texan roots and Holmes's fascination with all things Southern, they crafted a menu that would make anyone's mouth water. They focus on mini burgers using only Certified Angus beef and the freshest Farmer's Market produce, including Texas-born baby Portobello mushrooms and daily-made fresh bread. Easy Sliders was born.

"Caroline and I met while we were both working for Live Nation," states Holmes. "It's a great company, but we both found ourselves grumbling that we should only be working that hard for ourselves. We couldn't afford to open a restaurant, and food trucks had just started popping up in Dallas. The timing was right!"

When it came time to create a menu, these girls knew exactly what to do. They focused on 'Street Food,' a variety of small, hand-held options. "We like to graze and try bites of different things when we go out," explains Holmes. "So we wanted to provide that experience- order a bunch of different sliders, pass them around, taste all of them and talk about it! Sliders are shareable, and they are the perfect party food."

The Easy Slider truck offers the most eclectic selection of mini burgers you'll find in any truck or stationary eatery in the Garland area. They offer such crafty choices as the Sweet & Lowdown, made with angus beef, bacon, goat cheese, and strawberry jam; the Nutty Pig, made with angus beef, bacon, creamy peanut butter, green leaf lettuce, Roma tomato, and red onions; and the Baby Bella, made with Texas Portobello mushrooms, mozzarella, Roma tomato, and pesto.

"Caroline creates all our sliders," Holmes details. "Her palate is truly her talent, and our followers trust her to get the flavor combinations just right." Holmes chuckles, explaining how Perini would go about finding the perfect combinations before the Easy Slider days, "Pre-food truck, she would host 'Perfect Bite Nights' at her house, where she would provide tons of meats, cheese, crackers, bread and all sorts of accoutrements for guests to build their 'Perfect Bite.'" Of course, according to Holmes, Perini usually came up with the best bite.

Today, the Easy Slider truck offers a menu selection of six slider flavors with one revolving 'Slider of the Month.' The partners-in-flavor-crime also offering catering, with a more extensive food selection than the everyday mobile menu. "Caroline is currently developing our restaurant menu, which will feature some proteins besides beef, as well as salads and bar snacks," Holmes tells us. "So lots of new menu items coming soon for Easy Slider Deep Ellum."

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