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Packing Tips: An Interview with Tim Gray of Moving by Design

By Tim Gray

Please describe a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Moving by Design is family owned and operated. The business opened in October 2008 with one truck and a few employees. We just bought our 4th truck and have 20 employees. We focus on customer service, from the 1st phone call to the completion of each move we strive to exceed our customer's expectations. Our number one source of moves is referrals and customers that have used our services in the past.

What are some of the various services you offer?

We provide moving services for residential, commercial, intrastate, and interstate customers. We also offer professional packing and unpacking services. Moving by Design employees are experts at moving piano's, all makes and models. I will provide vendors for pool tables, safes, exercise equipment, swing sets, and hot tubs.

When should I start packing for my move? Do I need to have everything packed before the movers show up?

I would recommend you start your packing as early as possible. This is a great time to purge unwanted items and the earlier you start the more time you'll have to avoid packing and moving items you don't use. Try and avoid packing and throwing away younger children's items until closer to move. Children sometimes have a hard time dealing with the move itself. Make sure all your boxes are taped on the top and bottom and the room locations are clearly marked. It is very important that all your packing is completed when the movers arrive.

What do you recommend I pack in my "Open First" box?

Coffee maker, coffee, tv remotes, medications, pet food, school transfer information.

How should I pack breakables to make sure they stay safe during the move?

One thing to remember, moving companies do not insure your packed boxes. Many of my clients that do their own packing, will move family heirlooms, and other items they cherish the most. The key thing you will need is the right box to pack fragile items. Dish pack or box, is designed for fragile items and it is thicker then average boxes. Set up your box and start with a layer of wadded up paper to give you a nice cushion to start packing on. Dishes should always be packed on edge and never flat. Pack the first level with dishes and heavier items, next level lighter, and so on until the box is full. Leave room at the top for more paper to give the top cushion. Intricate figurines should be packed in a box that will comfortably hold the item and only put one per carton. I advise my clients to have the professionals pack fragile items and they concentrate on the non fragile items.

How important is it to have quality boxes for my move? Can I just use recycled boxes or should I buy all new supplies?

With everyone thinking green these days, I would definitely consider used boxes if there in decent shape. We reuse cartons and often do. I would encourage using boxes designed for moving. You might have a friend that recently moved and you could get the boxes used to pack their move.

What are some of the must essentials for packing supplies?

Blank news print to protect fragile items. Newspaper will make a mess of your packed items. Good sturdy boxes, markers, tape, bubble wrap, picture boxes, and wardrobes. Wardrobe boxes can be very expensive. We offer the use of 5 free wardrobes on ever move. Home Depot, Wallmart, and many internet sites sell packing supplies and the prices are very reasonable.

With all of the supplies needed, what are some green initiatives you follow that can help make my move more eco-friendly?

You can give your used boxes to a friend to use for their upcoming move. We will pick up boxes from our clients and we will reuse them. We also recycle all the cardboard when they can no longer be reused.

Any other tips for packing for my move?

Start in a room and finish it before moving on. This way you get a sense of accomplishment. Make sure you mark the general contents packed and mark the room location on the top and sides. A good rule for packing is "If it fits in a box pack it."

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

You can call Moving by Design at 281-648-6683 and you can visit our website at www.movingbydesign.com.

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