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NTEC is Here to Help Your Startup

By Vanessa Nason

Although popular, beginning a startup can be a scary leap of faith. But in Frisco, Texas, the North Texas Enterprise Center makes that leap a little less frightening

Founded in 2003 as an accelerator for medical technology companies, NTEC decided in 2013 to include other tech-focused startups. "NTEC was founded to help expand and diversify Frisco's economic base by providing a select group of high-potential startups with the guidance, access and resources they need to grow into significant contributors to the city's business community," says NTEC marketing advisor Lee Delahoussaye.

PHOTO CREDIT: Frisco Economic Development Corp.

Recent years have shown a surge in startup companies, especially tech startups. "On a national level, entrepreneurship is getting a lot of very positive exposure, which is [is] largely driven by heavy investment and high profile success coming out of Silicon Valley and other tech and venture capital centers such as New York City," says Delahoussaye. HeShe also believes the downturn in the economy a few years ago was a contributing factor is to blame. "I think that the recession also created entrepreneurs out of people who otherwise might not have been - either because they couldn't find work or they were reminded that working for someone else doesn't necessarily equate to security."

In Frisco, population and investment has been growing, and a lot of the people now venturing out on their own have experience at some of the large companies nearby.


The full-time staff and part-time startup advisors at NTEC work hard to support local startups and get them off the ground by providing them with guidance and resources in areas ranging from finance to business law to marketing and more. And in addition, the member companies also help each other a great deal, sharing expertise, experience, and ideas.

All in all, NTEC's goal is to help startups become successful companies - which makes the prospect of founding one a whole lot less scary.

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