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No Two Designs Are Alike At Petra Art & Interiors

By Jake Levin

Growing up, Petra Rupp couldn't care less about Barbie. The doll's dream homes, however, were another story.

From a tiny model home made of plastic to the real deal, Rupp parlayed her fascination with Barbie's habitat into a career. She's the Principal at Petra Art & Interiors, based in the Austin and accepts clients from San Antonio to Georgetown.

Rupp describes her company as a full-service design firm, ranging from interior renovations and additions to full décor to something she likes to call 'Room Service,' which she refers to as a makeover using your décor, which includes proper art placement, furniture rearrangement, styling, and a couple new accessories to completely transform the space in a matter of hours.

Many of her clients prefer the Modern Farmhouse or the Boho Scandinavian aesthetic, but Rupp believes a truly great design is one that captures each client's particular tastes and needs. This, Rupp said, makes no two projects alike.

"Each space is a new frontier," Rupp said, a message to clients of all experiences when it comes to home décor. "It really helps to bring in a professional in order to properly address scale, style, and an overall flow."

Rupp said she's gotten calls from homebuyers who've just moved in to new abodes, but something doesn't feel right in terms of their layout. Rupp will head right on over and measure the space, assess the style and needs, and create a design plan that can be executed effortlessly.

By trade, Rupp is hardly a marriage counselor. However, she said she's found many times over that it helps to have an unbiased third party when it comes to making the tough choices in home décor.

"You don't realize the impact of a good design until you come home to it each evening, kick up your feet and smile," Rupp said.

HGTV is a channel which has inspired Rupp through their signature 'reveal' moments on many shows. While none of what she does is in front of a camera lens, yet-Petra lives for reveal moment when clients first see their transformed home.

"While clients have an active role throughout the planning and decision process, I request that they aren't home during the final install," Rupp said. "There is no greater feeling than someone entering their new, bespoke home for the first time; it's why I do my job. And yes, they do cry in real life just like they do on TV."

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