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Modern American Warrior Training Academy Teaches All Ages How to be Safe and Aware

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Everyone has a right to be safe and Modern American Warrior Training Academy in Spring believes their programs can make that a reality. Whether it's the adult programs, the advanced martial arts classes, concealed handgun classes or their kids' programs, this organization is on a mission to help you "take control of your personal safety".

The Academy's namesake program, The Modern American Warrior Program, teaches participants to us many types of weapons, such as throwing weapons, kenpo knives, short sticks, tactical firearms and tactical archery with different classes for adults and youth. Adults can opt to take martial arts studies or simply practice general fitness. With a nod toward a women's special instincts, offerings are self-defense seminars and shooting club. The choices in defensive learning are wide open.

Adult programs aside, it's the kids' programs that really shine here. The Academy has ongoing American kenpo and Gracie jiu jitsu classes that teach self-discovery and awareness through martial arts practice. "Our programs build confidence through learning the physical skills to defend themselves," says Chief Executive Officer Chester Peterson.

It's their special and unique program entitled Children's Anti-Bullying/Predator Awareness that gets my attention. Peterson tells us that this program teaches awareness, confidence and life skills. Children learn about bullies, predators and other dangers that lurk in the world around them. "Our Anti-Bully Program is like no other that I have seen," Peterson exclaims! "We teach the kids how to fend off verbal attacks as well as physical attacks. We teach ninja deflection skills. We teach them that they are a ninja."

Kids love ninjas, so stealthy and quiet and poised. Confidence is the ninja creed. Teaching ninja deflection tactics is a powerful way to deal with bullies. Peterson describes their approach: "When an arrow gets shot at a ninja, the ninja simply turns sideways and deflects the arrow. If the arrow does not hit them, it can't hurt them. Word are like arrows. If you don't let them hit you, they can't hurt you. We give the kids responses to verbal attacks that do not escalate the confrontation. They simple deflect the attack."

Instead of confronting the bully with fists or anger, kids in this Awareness class are taught to make light of the insult. For instance, Peterson gives some deflection examples the Academy teaches its youth participants, "If the bully calls them fat, then we say that fat kids are harder to kidnap. If the Bully says that they are ugly, we say 'Yup?broke the mirror this morning'." The strength is in deflecting the insult to show it has no affect. This ninja tactic is something that many adults would be wise to heed in their pursuit of the warrior within.

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