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Mixing Brazilian Culture with Southern Hospitality at Dallas's Texas de Brazil

By Elisha Neubauer

When you think of Texas, you most likely think of The Alamo, Football, and some of America's best barbecue. Well, Texas de Brazil, a home-grown Dallas eatery, has helped add Authentic Brazilian cuisine to that list. It has established itself as a game changer in the restaurant industry and is storming its way through Texas faster than you can say, "no way," or "de modo algum," if you're handy with a Google translator.

Texas de Brazil came into existence after one of the owners returned from a long-stay trip to the South American hot-spot, Brazil. While on their adventure, the now-owner dined at traditional rodizio style restaurants which were native to the region of Porto Alegre, Brazil. Immediately entrenched in the culture, style, and traditions of the area and its unique dining methods, it was no surprise that he packed up and headed back to the States with a drive to share this enticing experience with his own countrymen- and Texas was the perfecting starting point.

What is this unique dining form that the owner seemed to fall head over heels for?

Texas de Brazil is based on the traditional form of churrascaria establishments. These took their cues from the original rodizos, but added a unique twist. Emily Erbe, Advertising Manager for Texas de Brazil, took a moment out of her busy day to explain it to us. "Due to the rodizo style of dining gaining in popularity, restaurants owners in Brazil began adding new meat options in an attempt to steal customers from their rivals," she details.

"After exhausting new meat options, they began adding more salads, sides, and soups in order to attract and retain clientele. Eventually, the tables were not big enough to accommodate all these accompaniments, so a creative restaurant Owner decided to set up a dedicated table for these items, leading to the birth of the modern churrascaria!"

Taking a nod from this style, the Texas de Brazil owners decided to take it up a notch, fusing Brazilian concepts with the down home, Southern hospitality and service that has come to be expected from Texan establishments. "From the beginning, Texas de Brazil has strived to remain authentic and uses the same method of cooking over an open flame and rodizio style of service that is native to Southern Brazil," Erbe tells us.

Since inception in 1998, Texas de Brazil has spread like wildfire, reaching across both domestic and international borders in just eighteen short years, while still remaining solely family owned and operated. With the expansion of locations, they have been able to enhance their visibility as well; appearing at new festivals and events across the country every day.

"We are thrilled to participate in our first event in the Sugar Land community- the Sugar Land Wine and Food Affair!" states Erbe excitedly. "This year we will be offering sampling and discount card at our booth at the Sip & Stroll as well as the Bistro Brunch."

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