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Making Underwater Adventure Accessible to All at Scubatoys

By Elisha Neubauer

What was once thought to be a hobby of the wealthy has transformed into a family-friendly activity that just about anyone can participate in, thanks in part to Scuba Toys. The Carrollton based family business has spent its lifetime building a first class reputation and equally respected partnerships with manufacturers to bring this one of a kind sport to the reaches of the every man.

"Scubatoys.com is a family owned and operated dive shop," states Joey Johnson, Product Manager for Scubatoys. "We pride ourselves on our reputation as well as the quality of divers and gear going out the door." Although the dive shop prides itself on quality, they don't seem shy away from quantity either. They currently posses one of the largest inventories in the area, given both their online and in-store options available to customers. "We typically have a larger selection of gear to choose from then most other dive shops in the area combined," Johnson proudly announces.

With such a large variety of product, price doesn't seem to be a concern, either, as they provide something in just about every spectrum on the price range. Not mention, they offer a solid based discount program for continual shoppers. "We offer discounts on gear through many different outlets from forums, text, emails and so much more," Johnson says. "In fact, as soon as you sign up for class you will be handed a folder filled with coupons for instant discounts toward gear and further education."

But, for those looking to be either hobbyists or professionals, there is more than just great gear and prices available at the Scubatoys dive shop. On their website, you can find trips and travel in addition to the in-store training courses available to those looking to kick-start or improve their skills. "Our newly redesigned website features a vast selection of gear and training as well as trips and travel," explains Johnson.

"We try to make a point to add or update at least a few things daily to keep it relevant and useful to all types of divers from professional to the occasional weekend warrior." He goes on, informing us about some of the interesting dive locations in the nearby area, all of which can be located on their website.

"Clear Spring Scuba Park would be one of the top," he details. "They are equipped with many different entry points and facilities to accommodate scuba divers as well as provide a few cool features under water to look at like airplanes, boats, tunnels et cetera."

A few other local dive destinations you can find via the Scuba Toys website would include Possum Kingdom, Lake Travis, and Lake Ten Killer; although, as Johnson enlightens us, the best perk is that the shop is located near the DFW Airport. "We are only a few hours from places like Cozumel, Bahamas, Cayman and so many other wonderful tropical dive destinations that seem to be the favorites amongst most recreational divers," says Johnson excitedly.

The shop offers everything from beginner's classes that take place in the comfort of a swimming pool to open water training and instructor classes. There is something for everyone- even if you've never before attempted to scuba. "We offer dive lessons for any level," Johnson affirms. "Our beginner Open water class takes two weekends and cost $199.95."

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