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It's Like A White-hot Blaze At Wildfire Yoga & Fitness

By Elisha Neubauer

Looking for a safe and gentle way to increase your balance and flexibility? Interested in breaking away from the stresses of daily life? Want to escape from the business of the corporate gym environment while still maintaining a physical fitness regime? Yoga might just be the option for you.

Practiced for thousands of years, yoga is ripe with an assortment of benefits. In addition to increased balance and flexibility, yoga stretches the muscles, soft tissues, ligaments, and joints throughout the body. A regular practice of yoga provides increased muscle tone and strength, improved respiration and vitality, weight reduction, and better cardio and circulatory health.

"All forms of yoga concentrate on building strength from the core, increasing abdominal and back strength," Tamara Masters, owner of Wildfire Yoga & Fitness, a travelling yoga practice in Texas, said. "You'll notice better posture as you become focused on alignment of the body. Practicing yoga regularly, also reduces stress levels because it causes a sense of calm."

Masters is no stranger to the practice of yoga, having claimed that she has always been fully-immersed in the practice. Introduced to the practice of yoga by her own mother when she was only four, she found the mother-daughter classes allowed her to bond with her mother. She spent many years as a dancer, having enrolled in dance classes at the age of five and continuing into her late teens. Masters always felt that she gravitated toward the practice of yoga, and in her early adulthood she gained a steadier practice in 1998 after the birth of her own child.

Now a certified yoga instructor, Masters travels all across the state, appearing in studios from San Marcos to San Antonio practicing and teaching a variety of yoga styles. She's active in the local yoga community, focusing on her own practice when she isn't teaching.

"When you practice yoga with me, my personal sessions are geared toward getting to know you as we are beginning to stretch out and start our session," Masters said. "Even in one of my classes or large event I'm talking to you and encourage your opening up, talking back with me."

Masters' classes are exploratory. They're as intense as the client wants it to be. From three to 93, Masters works with everyone individually to create a class that suits their needs, increases their benefits, and protects them from any physical damage.

"In my classes the lights are dimmed and the music is charged," Masters said. "I encourage closing your eyes and yes, I absolutely don't mind groans, sighs, sweat and laughter (I'm known to crack a joke or two)."

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