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Introducing the Next Generation Salad Bar, Where It's 'Never the Same Salad Twice'

By S. Mathur

Salads may well be the new power lunch, helping beat the 3 o'clock slump. The combination of greens, proteins, carbs and wake-up crunchies, blueberries or cranberries keep you functioning on an even keel. That may the reason why there are lines out the door at the Salata branch in Spring, TX every day at lunchtime. Healthy and delicious is an unbeatable combination.

Salata calls itself the "Next Generation Salad Bar". What puts its ahead of its time, explains Customer Service Rep Claire LeBoeuf, is that "Our concept is based around the fact that we give our customers the most variety possible. Having over 50+ toppings really gives our customers a chance to customize the salad of their dreams every day. The thing that sets us apart from other "made-to-order" salad restaurants is the fact that our customers drive our ingredients. We do not have pre-made recipes, we do not limit the amount of toppings, and we do not weigh our salads at the cash register."

Salata is able to offer customers the healthiest, freshest ingredients possible by working closely with local farmers and suppliers, she adds: "We work directly with the farmers and manufacturers ensuring we provide the highest quality products available. And unlike other brands that use many processed items, each location cuts its fresh produce every morning, bakes its own croutons and grills its chicken. These practices and standards ensure our high quality each day."

The dressings are also prepared daily and get rave reviews. A seasonal topping of the month program will continue the focus on fresh and local, featuring one fruit or vegetable per month, in order to accent variety and seasonal trends. Soups, rolls and tortillas for wraps, and flavored lemonades and iced teas round out the menu, with healthy and delicious cookies for a guilt-free dessert.

Customers can choose their ingredients but the salad bar is not self serve. The staff are expert and friendly, and though there are long lines at lunch time, they move fast. Salata also offers delivery to your home or office, and caters special events. One of the commonest reasons for not eating healthy food is that people are too busy to plan, shop for and prepare balanced meals. Online ordering makes it easier for individuals and families to eat healthy.

The first Salata location opened in 2005 and there are several stores around the state. All stores are actively involved in the local community, with participation in fundraising for charities. Presentations in partnership with nearby gyms and fitness centers educate the public on the importance of healthy eating.

Customer reviews convey something of the impact of Salata's new generation of salads:
"A good salad happens when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Yes, I totally just quoted Aristotle for my Salata review. The sum of each ingredient you pick at Salata is guaranteed to make an awesome salad. Every ingredient they have to offer is fresh and delicious, visibly of great quality. You really can't go wrong. "

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