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Introducing Juicer Heroes, Superheroes of Another Nature

By Elisha Neubauer

Every story has its happy ending, but every story also has its conflict, and the story behind Juicer Heroes is no different. In fact, the beginning of the Juicer Heroes tale is the conflict, giving an even bigger spin to the Heroes' account.

In 2008, Jason Taylor was experiencing a whirlwind of health problems. With a list of what appeared to be disconnected symptoms, Taylor went through several different doctors trying to find the cure to what ailed him. To no luck, the doctors were unable to pinpoint what was causing this varied span of symptoms. Eventually, after many, many hours on the internet, Taylor stumbled upon a perfect match for his problems: heavy metal poisoning.

As a child, Taylor had received mercury fillings which had been slowly poisoning him ever since. He quickly opted to have the fillings removed, suffering yet another complication in the process. The mercury was not adequately contained during the procedure, causing his face to become so swollen that he was unable to even so much as open his eyes. After suffering this side effect for over a week, Taylor began feverishly researching methods for detoxing. It was then that his love affair with juicing began.

As it turned out, the only fool-proof method to home-detox with is juicing, greens to be exact. Roping his brother into the trend, the Taylors juiced nothing but greens for a straight six months. They even went as far as consuming the pulp created from the process, mixing it with free range eggs and grass fed beef. They knew immediately that they were on to something and decided to reach out to their father, a seasoned entrepreneur, to take the next step.

"Over a week long marathon session gathering empirical data and researching the viability of the business, Padre had a grand vision of creating a brand and a franchisable concept, having done this twice before," states Drew Taylor. "Padre put together a business plan and a budget. The Super Hero theme was decided on to reach children with a commitment to being more than a juicing store. The team decided they wanted to be an information and education portal for people desiring to become healthy."

Today, the company has grown to become Juice Cleanse Experts. "We are in the business of selling juice, however, we wouldn't just have a person dive in to a Cleanse without preparation," Taylor details. "Our staff of Functional Medicine Practitioners, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists and Professional Athletes gives us the perfect array of Professionals to assist in formulating our programs."

According to Taylor, benefits of a cleanse include such effects as weight loss, a detox, and even a GI Tract flush. "A person will feel better, sleep better, and see improvements very quickly," he states. "A Cleanse is also easier than most people think. Further a Cleanse is not a FAST. Fasting is such that you deprive your body of nutrition. With a Cleanse, you get PLENTY of nutrition, it is just All GOOD nutrition."

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