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Inspire Yoga is a Way to Connect to Your Truest Self

By S. Mathur

Inspire Yoga is more than a studio. It's a yoga community in the Dallas suburbs, where instructors and students meet to connect with what matters most in this life: connection to self and community. Inspire Yoga offers the space for yogis to come and find just what they need? from cultivating a sense of self, to having a place to belong, and enjoying the company of others according to Studio Director Nancy Nelson.

"Yoga is a powerful way to connect with your truest Self," she said, "Inspire Yoga exists to be a space where individuals in the community can come and explore themselves on a deeper level than they might be able to out in their normal day-to-day life. The studio gives individuals space to gain perspective on what's happening in their own minds, bodies and spirits."

In addition to their signature hot Vinyasa Flow classes, the studio also offers Yin yoga, which is a form of yoga practiced in a cooled room.

"Yin is a more hatha-based practice, which means that there is less flowing and more stillness," Nelson said, "Essentially, one will practice deep stretching postures for extended periods of time in a cooled room. This style of yoga is very helpful for releasing tension that tends to build up around the joints."

Yin practice rejuvenates the body and helps to increase the range of motion. This makes it suitable for people suffering from arthritis or similar conditions. It also provides an escape for the mind from the chaos of the world, says Nelson.

Even though hot yoga is very much in vogue these days, because it enables people to work up a sweat and see the effort they put in, Nelson feels that a balance of hot and cold, or Yin and Yang, is necessary. The heat helps to prevent injury and warm up the body for muscular strength and flexibility and it helps to enhance the natural cleansing processes of the body through breathing and movement. Yin yoga on the other hand has many benefits besides promoting overall health and improved range of motion. Both forms of yoga have a calming effect on people, who can find an oasis of peace in the yoga studio, to recharge before returning to their stressful routines.

"One of the greatest benefits of the yoga practice is that the more you practice yoga on the mat, the more you see it show up off the mat and in your life," she said, "Imagine a life where traffic doesn't ruin your day, chaos draws you into gratitude and quiet moments are an opportunity for intention rather than your phone. We believe that the more individuals are able to have yogic experiences in their everyday lives the more they will make a greater impact on their own families and communities and humanity as a whole."

The class schedule includes classes for beginners, Slow Flow, Inspire and Yin yoga. The teachers' training program is considered one of the best in the DFW area and offers certifications in the 200 and 300-hour trainings. There are occasional restorative workshop and life coaching sessions as well. Often the studio will hold special donation-based classes with the funds being donated to local charities and non-profits. Inspire Yoga offers an introductory week to new clients at less than $20 for unlimited classes. It's a great way to get started and find the perfect classes for you.

For more visit Inspire online at www.inspireyoga.com

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