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How One Couple Left the Board Room for the Yoga Studio At Vibe Yoga

By Elisha Neubauer

Some people find their way to yoga in order to work on their physical fitness, while others find yoga as a way to manage the stress of their everyday lives. For Gayla Crysler, it was the latter. Having spent many years working the grind in the corporate world, Crysler turned to yoga as a way to manage the stress that comes with such a career. Little did she know, it would end up changing the course of her life.

Crysler had been practicing yoga for several years and eventually came to realize that she wanted to open her own studio. Shortly after, her husband began to express his dissatisfaction with his current work life. When he said that he would like to own his own business, the couple decided to start looking around for businesses that were up for grabs. Before long, the pair stumbled upon Vibe Yoga. It was the perfect fit.

"It allowed him to be a part of owning his own business, and allowed me to leave the hectic life of corporate America and spend my time doing what I love most," Gayla Crysler said.

As the new owners of Vibe Yoga, the Cryslers set out to engage the community and truly connect with those looking to learn more about the practice. They began to donate used mats to local community centers, as well as give monetary donations to the Lions Club, Police Department, and the Fire Department. They're huge supporters of the local high school sports teams, as well. Crysler believes that yoga is beneficial to everyone and focuses on the community as a whole, instead of a small client base.

"There really is something for every single person and wherever they happen to be in their lives," Crysler said. "I have students recovering from injuries, surgeries, and illnesses and well as students from teens to seniors."

To ensure everyone can find the right fit for them, Vibe Yoga offers a variety of classes from 12 unique teachers. Each teacher has their own distinctive personality and that shows in their methods of teaching.

"Some of our teachers teach a faster vinyasa flow and others slow things down and may hold a pose for several breaths," Crysler said. "The teachers play their own music to suit their own personalities and it lets students enjoy all the different qualities these wonderful teachers have to offer."

Classes available include Restorative Yoga, Yin, Ashtanga, and Meditation. Most of the classes are taught at an 80-degree temperature to encourage flexibility. Heated classes are taught at 88 degrees.

"The heat whether it's 80 or 88, helps to loosen your muscles so that as you start to move, there's an easier ability to move into each posture," Crysler said.

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