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Preparing a home for sale is a lengthy process and unfortunately, it's a process that many homeowners dive right into missing out on the importance of maximizing curb appeal. In cases of home staging, when done by a professional, homes have been known to appraise higher and sell at a higher final price point than when they are placed on the market without the owner taking the time to set the mood for the sale. The curbside appeal of your home is the first impression that your home makes to a prospective buyer and it can not only make a difference in whether the home sells quickly or remains on the market long term, it can also make a huge difference in the final sale price.

The outside of your home should not be cluttered or messy looking in any way. The best way to determine the type of curb appeal that your home currently has is to approach the situation as a prospective buyer would; from the curb! Take a step back and look at your home from the street the way that a buyer would and the way that a professional home stager would. Check for:

  • Any items on the lawn or front of the home that stand out like a sore thumb.
  • Any positive features such as plants or a particular tree in the front yard which can be highlighted upon to add a sense of value to the front of the home.
  • At night, check lighting and make sure that it doesn't downplay the front of your home. Lighting should be bold and bright accenting more than just the front door, it should also light the walkway, the gardens and other landscape features of the home.
  • Check that all front windows are clean.
  • Check for ways that you can accentuate the front of the home to make it look more inviting.
  • Make sure that plant beds are free from any dead plants or insects.
  • Make sure that there are no dead spots on the lawn.
  • Make sure that the driveway and sidewalks are clean and free from dirt, stains or other debris.

A home stager will tell you that the best way to increase curb appeal to your home is to make your home appear in a way that will make the prospective buyer be able to see himself or herself and their family living in the home It's important to keep collections and personal items, kids toys and outdoor equipment stored away when staging your home for sale as these items can make a home look and feel cluttered while removing the buyer from the mental reflection of one day being the home owner.

It's important to make any repairs necessary both inside and outside of the home to add value. If a fence needs to be washed, sealed or painted or a walkway is dirty or cracked these are small fixes that can dramatically change the first impression that a potential buyer has when he or she comes to look at the home. Outdoor paint should be a neutral tone and it should coordinate with fencing, the mailbox and other attributes of the home to create a sense of coordination and overall unity.

Colors should also correspond well with the colors of surrounding homes in the neighborhood so as not to have your home stick out against all the others. A buyer wants to feel like he or she has made the right decision when purchasing a home but sometimes standing out against all of the neighbors just creates an awkward feeling more than anything.

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