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Home Inspections Importance: and interview with William Cook of Austin Home Inspections Online

By William Cook

Purchasing a home is likely the most expensive thing an individual or couple will do in their lifetime and they want it to be right for them. Hiring a third party inspector takes the emotion out of the equation and allows for a much more thorough look behind the scenes like pulling the drapes wide open.

A house, like a car, has many parts and systems and all need to work in harmony for the residence to be economical, efficient and a happy place to live and raise a family. New home owners and even seasoned veterans of home ownership seldom keep up with all the scheduled maintenance and take care of things along the way. An inspector looks deeper into the function of each component and how it fits into the total picture. Once that look is completed then the new buyer or the seller can decide on the importance of each area that is called out in the report.

New Homes, Resale homes, investment properties at the time of the decision, not necessarily after closing, should have a good look see by a knowledgeable and in Texas, a Licensed Professional Home Inspector. Yes, even a newly constructed home is recommended for a third party inspection. By the time all the sub-contractors and the superintendent, who is a busy person, get through and ready to turn over the property to the new owner, there have been a lot of steps taken in the process. Most of them are correct but sometimes things get overlooked.

The shell of the home is the most critical. Starting with the foundation. Is the moisture level in the soil consistent in moisture content? Allowing the soil to dry on one side and wet on the other can easily result in deflection of the foundation. The walls with wood siding need to be painted regularly and care should be taken to not allow moisture to wick up into the wood from the bottom. Weep holes in brick veneer are there for a purpose which is to allow for the air and moisture content in the wall to equalize with the outside air. The roof is there to primarily shed water when it rains and protect the inside of the structure from the sun and the elements. Keep foliage away from the roof covering material and if there is a hail storm in your area have your insurance agent check for damage.

Professional Home Inspections completes home inspections in all of the Central Texas area. We do our best to accommodate the clients schedule and meet them promptly and return the report by email within 24 hours. We have three Professional Home Inspectors licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission working in our group. We can be reached at (512) 948-5037or (512) 948-5968 for a consultation on your inspection needs. Our website is www.austinhomeinspectionsonline.com or email billcook43@me.com.

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