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Home Improvements That Add Value

By Colleen Colkitt

Some improvements just need to be made. There are a few easy fixes to increase the value of your home, but there are some others that may take a little more time. If you are a homeowner looking to up your home's value, find out how to make the most important upgrades for your home.

1. Lawn Care

The first thing a buyer sees when going to an open house or driving past a house is the lawn. Make the easiest repair you can, by landscaping your lawn to look great and presentable! Cut the grass, trim bushes and remove weeds, or make more extensive treatment by planting seasonal flowers or installing accents such as bird feeders or walkways.

2. The Front Door

This doesn't seem important now, but when a buyer goes to a house the front door is very important for first impressions. It is a form of basic security, so having a reliable and sturdy lock is crucial. Repainting the door or adding a finish are great ways to make simple aesthetic improvements as well.

3. Furnace or A/C Replacement

Particularly in hotter areas, an air conditioner will add a great deal of value to your home when it is on the market. This will be a selling point for many buyers, especially in warmer climates such as Texas. Although this may be considered a luxury to some people, this addition will boost the value and appeal of you home. Likewise, if in a cooler climate, a functioning furnace will be expected when purchasing a home in colder types of weather. It may seem like an insignificant renovation, but when a buyer sees the practicality of a smooth running A/C or furnace, it will help the house sell for more.

4. Bathroom Necessities

A very significant renovation should be made to the bathrooms. These are frequently used facilities, possibly the most frequently used rooms in your house. Make sure to leave a buyer with a good impression of your bathrooms because these rooms matter! Bathrooms will be seen by guests as well, so make a statement by fixing up the things people notice the most. Toilets must work well, as this is what will be tested with most scrutiny. An easier update to make is replacing the vanity area or counters, because this will be noticed the most and a new counter will draw the eye to your sleek-modeled bathroom. If your budget allows, replacing the floor and tub are also good ideas but the countertops and toilet should be a main priority.

5. Kitchen Repair

One of the first rooms buyers have high expectations for is the kitchen. For many homes, it is the first place they walk through, and this is a very important opportunity to impress prospective buyers. The kitchen appliances should be replaced if necessary, and certain additions such as a dishwasher will also add value to your home. Many buyers expect the kitchen to be modern and upgraded, so get new countertops, put a fresh coat of paint on cupboards, and replace all handles in the room. Depending on budget, these repairs may be costly, but this is the most worthwhile repair one can make to substantially increase the value of a home.

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