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Heal From The Inside Out At A Healer's Touch

By Jake Levin

Physical touch goes beyond just feeling nice, according to Tabitha Sands.

As the owner and founder of A Healer's Touch, which is a mobile massage therapy business in Austin, Texas, Sands points out that massage is essential for our well-being as humans. A licensed massage therapist (LMT), Sands is able to provide in-house treatments for patients who may not have the means to leave their home to make it into a massage clinic or those that would like the convenience of not having to drive to and from the clinic.

"A massage from A Healer's Touch will provide not just relief from tight and sore muscles, but also a mind and soul healing from the inside out for the ultimate relaxation experience," Sands said.

Tabitha Sands

Aromatherapy and acupressure (as opposed to acupuncture) are a big part of the program at A Healer's Touch. Sands practices Mindbody Acupressure, which gives her direct access to energy pathways within the body and can remove any and all blockages that are core to expressing oneself. These pathways can get bogged down, Sands said, from the toxicity of foods, environmental factors, or simply negative thoughts.

"Mindbody Acupressure will provide a better overall sense of well-being, leaving you feeling more alive and creative as well as re-aligning the body," Sands said.

Aromatherapy also plays an important role in the mind, body and soul healing as well. When prepping for a massage, it can be difficult to clear your mind, according to Sands. Aromatherapy helps mentally prepare you for your session to maximize the benefits of your massage.

Providing massage isn't just a job for Sands, it's her lifestyle. It's the ability to provide relief to others which she thrives off of as she sends them back out into the world after a session that makes it all worthwhile for Sands. She just likes helping people.

"We all know life is challenging, but with a little help from massage therapy we can make the day to day easier while being pain free allowing ourselves to process life and decisions with ease, overall leading a longer, happier, healthier life," Sands said. "I find joy in every session, knowing I have helped another person find peace, relief, healing and happiness. Their smiles make everything worth it."

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