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Frisco's 'Guntry Club' Aims High

By Courtney Clark

For gun aficionados, the 45,000 square foot Frisco Gun Club is a kind of paradise. Termed a 'guntry club' due to its country club-like atmosphere, the Gun Club is open to the public while also offering membership services.

Owner Christian Putnam is also the owner of the Bullet Trap, which is a more typical gun range in Plano. Building off the success of that one, he did some research into more luxurious gun facilities elsewhere, like the Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona, and set out to build the Frisco Gun Club. What sets Frisco apart from typical gun ranges? The amenities, features, and privileges. Within the 45,000 square feet of building space, there is an indoor shooting range, retail space, a training room, and a private VIP lounge. Gunsmiths are on-site to assist with firearm care and attention.

Brandon Johnson, Vice President of Marketing, explains that there are several misconceptions about the club: "First, many think you have to be a member to use it. This could not be further from the truth. While we do have multiple levels of membership, we are also open to the public." The other misconception, he says, is that many think that a 'guntry club' would be too expensive for the average person. "Also not true," he explains. "During non-peak weekdays before 3pm, pistol range is $10 per hour. Peak range fees are only $20 per hour. Anyone can join Frisco Gun Club, there are no requirements for level of knowledge, and we offer many great beginner classes and one-on-one sessions to get our new people up to speed."

The shooting range, explains Johnson, is designed to improve marksmanship in a safe and comfortable environment. To this end, it challenges visitors and determines difficulty levels with target operator consoles and control screens. For newer shooters, safety officers are on site to assist and to ensure proper protocols are followed. Ranges are available for pistols, shotguns, and AR style rifles. The rifle lanes are even climate controlled, with touch-screen targeting systems. Each of stalls is divided by bulletproof glass that is one inch thick - the same material that is used in armored cars. The stalls are also wider than traditional stalls. Guests can either bring their own firearms or rent one from the range.

Further, if guests need a modification on their personal firearms, they can visit a Frisco Gun Club gunsmith. Just a few of the services offered by the gunsmiths include mounting a scope, gun cleaning, or an ambidextrous thumb safety.

The Frisco Gun Club offers classes for marksmen of all skill levels and of various ages. Guests can enter a private, one-on-one class or follow a curriculum. Individual lessons can be used to "ask any question, or work on any technique" with a Range officer. Non-members and members alike can join classes such as Intro to Handguns, Home Defense, and Basic Carbine for the AR-15. A Concealed Handgun License class is also available.

With a wealth of amenities, the Frisco Gun Club aims high - and hits its target.

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