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For Artists and Collectors, the Lawley Art Group is a Must Visit Destination

By Marina Jokic

Owner of the Lawley Art Group, Tanner Lawley received his degree in business administration and finance, not really anticipating a career as a gallery owner, let alone an artist. After finishing his education, he moved back to Dallas to take a job as a handyman at a fine-art gallery, eventually becoming a gallery manager of sorts. He built the studio, mixed the paints, hung the art, even ran the staff and sold the artwork. It was during that time that Lawley first experimented with painting. His first attempt produced unimpressive results, but despite others' reservations about his work, he kept painting.

Lawley's love of art motivated him to teach himself how to paint, which was an incredibly rewarding experience for him. His inspiration for starting the Lawley Art Group along with 12 of his closest friends was due to several factors.

"My main focus is to support my family, and to create a brand that leaves a legacy for my daughters, and hopefully their kids someday," he said.

His vision of building a gallery came to fruition not only because of his fascination with art and beauty, but also because of his desire to support his friends and their families through his business.

When you walk into the gallery, you are met with a minimalist space and expansive white walls, a blank canvas upon which countless paintings hang. Lawley has taken great care to arrange the paintings and sculptures. Some are organized thematically, and others can showcase an artist's debut or a new exhibit perhaps. Everything is where it's supposed to be, and each work of art complements the one next to it.

When choosing new artists, Lawley vets them based on several qualities: their authenticity, passion, and work ethic. Lawley is one of the contemporary artists featured at the gallery. In his art, he is inspired mostly by the themes of love and compassion.

"Each artist has to have a unique voice [in their art] and I know it when I see it," he said. "My goal is to make the viewer think of love when they see my artwork, and hopefully, that loving energy goes with them throughout their lives.

Since 2008, he has created a rich variety of original works which you can find in other galleries and private collections across the city. Some of his work, which recently returned from its first international exhibit in Brussels, is currently on display at the gallery. Dubbing himself a performance painter, Lawley is best known for painting in front of a live audience. For his talent, he has been awarded the 2014 Art Expo's Best New Exhibitor award, and continues to be a successful artist and businessman.

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