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Five Must See Landmarks In Houston

By Tabitha Naylor

Houston is a massive and beautiful city with over two million people in it. It has recently become a hub for young professionals and is well known because of its landmarks. Houston is extremely diverse, has plenty of ethnicities and languages, and you can probably find that extremely niche restaurant you didn't even know that you had been craving. Once you are done with that, you should check out some of these famous landmarks sprinkled throughout the largest city in Texas:


The Smokesax is a crazy looking sculpture. It is a huge saxophone made entirely of cars. The Smokesax is made out of car parts, a surfboard and oil field. This sculpture is very impressive and, at 70-feet tall, quite imposing. The Smokesax stood in front of Billy Blue's Bar and Grill, and this place has since gone out of business. The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art has recently acquired the oversized saxophone. The Smokesax currently resides only 13 miles away from where it had been standing for about 20 years, so if you are in the area, you should definitely go check it out.

Water Wall

The Water Wall is absolutely gorgeous. It is a multi-story fountain with a little park that is perfect for having a picnic or having an outside lunch during spring time. The fountain is 64 feet tall and was designed that way to represent the 64 stories in the Williams Tower, which it is attached to. The Water Wall is a very popular Houston landmark and a popular spot for both locals and tourists. The city hosts many events here, including concerts.

The Tunnels

The Tunnels are both a Houston landmark and a really nifty way to get around. Texas is incredibly hot and it is difficult to get around on foot, so the tunnels are a really nice underground alternative to getting around this gorgeous city. It connects 55 buildings and you can access the tunnels through some buildings. The tunnels are a really nice safe way to get around downtown, do a bit of shopping and find out where all the pedestrians hide when it rains or it is too hot.

Beer Can House

If you are looking for something a little bit offbeat, then the beer can house is the perfect landmark for you. This is a house, and it would be quite ordinary except for the fact that it is covered in flattened beer cans. You can tour the house for a pretty small price and the house inside is a bit trapped in time and a nice slice of local history.

Houston has a huge amount of landmarks, and while some may be better suited to your taste than others, the overall experience of traveling through the city to view them is one that shouldn't be missed. The majority of these places are ones that you can visit for free and they are likely to make an interesting time for you and your family, making your stay in Houston, whether it is very short or where you plan to move to in the future, a very interesting and stimulating one.

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