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Finding Your Center at Spirit Quest in Spring, Texas

By David Boegaard

Visitors to Spring, TX will have trouble missing the stately, plump Victorian house, painted white, with delicately carved designs above the porches, a wrought iron fence and two lions guarding the gates. Situated in the charming heart of Old Town Spring, right along Main Street, this old Victorian holds The Spirit Quest Center. Spirit Quest is a combination of a shop, a center for healing energy work by a range of local practitioners, and center for classes.

The Spirit Quest Center was founded in 2009 by husband and wife owners Chris and Ginger Pennell. But the journey to its founding started back in 2001, when the Pennells decided to take a class on paranormal experiences. Once they had been introduced to the subject, they began to explore everything they could find on the subject, but found that there were not many resources in their area.

The Pennells went on from paranormal and began to learn about Reiki energy healing, reflexology, vibrational frequencies, and other techniques. These experiences gradually inspired the Pennells to set up their own center for investigation and teaching of these arts. When they found the spectacular home in Old Town Spring, they knew they had the perfect location. Today, says co-owner Ginger Pennell, they feel like they are fully engaged in their lives' work. "Teaching people learn how to feel energy and discover how to benefit from it is why, I think, Chris and I are here!"

The most visible form of the Spirit Quest Center is the storefront shop. In the shop, and as an entry to the classes and events, Spirit Quest offers a wide variety of powerful objects. The most significant are the stones and gems. The store carries a huge range of gemstones, says co-owner Ginger Pennell, "all the way from tiny beads to tall, gorgeous amethyst geode cathedrals." Another popular item is the Himalayan salt lamps that give off a lovely light like a burning ember -- and they may even purify the air! But the store contains far more than just gemstones and himalayan salts, says Pennell. "We also sell essential oils for aromatherapy, many different kinds of incense, sage smudge, herbs, books, candles, gift items, and of course jewelry."

Pennell finds the gemstones the most interesting of the shop's objects. "Most people love stones and they often notice they somehow just feel better when they are around them," says Pennell. But Pennell thinks the real value of the gemstones extends beyond their beauty. Each material has a set of resonant frequencies, which are the frequencies at which the material's underlying atoms vibrate. This is well established science, and is the basis for popular ideas like that of crystal champagne-glasses breaking when an opera singer hits a certain pitch. "We as humans also have a vibration or frequency field," says Pennell. "When a particular stone and its vibration or frequency meets up with our own, we begin to benefit from the frequency of that stone." It is for this reason, then, that each stone in The Spirit Quest Center's shop carries a description of the potential powers of the frequency of the stone, whether healing, emotional balance or energy or something else.

Once visitors have made it through the gift shop, there are classes and workshops ahead. Chris and Ginger conduct many workshops themselves, and also host a wide variety of other teachers. "I think some of the most fun and fulfillment we get from our work is when we get to introduce people to energy," says Ginger Pennell. Even skeptics can begin to feel the movements of energy in the body, suggests Pennell. It requires only that one attend to the feeling of "energies" or "winds" swirling constantly through the torso and other areas. There is nothing secret or hidden about such experiences -- once you notice them, they are as clear as the thoughts in your head!

The Pennell's are particularly involved with Reiki, a Japanese healing practice founded by an unorthodox buddhist teacher. The practice involves learning to channel and control the flows of energy through the body, and is often applied in conjunction with massage or other therapies. " "We believe everyone has an innate ability to heal through directing and channeling energy to create health not only in the body," says Pennell, "but also the mind and spirit so that all components of the human energy field are addressed.

While not everyone agrees that healing touch works, Chris Pennells finds such healing very natural and not at all strange. "Think about when a child gets hurt," Chris Pennell suggests. "The parent will usually immediately go to that child and place a hand on the hurt to comfort him or her." That is our natural inclination, and the Pennells believe that the impulse can be made much more powerful with practice.

When especially skeptical people come into The Spirit Quest Center, the Pennells welcome them to try Reiki with a special massage table that Chris Pennell built. The table features both light and sounds that are incorporated into the experience. "The music we play is created with healing tones and frequency," says Ginger Pennell, "and color therapy has been studied and written about by NASA explaining how color can affect us and even have a therapeutic value." Even the most persistent skeptics will leave feeling more relaxed -- no small thing!

The other practitioners that the Spirit Quest Center hosts have a variety of specialities. "We have a full building of alternative healing practitioners and intuitive advisers who office here as well," says Pennell. "We also offer monthly psychic and holistic fairs which are a great way for the public to come in and try new things like healing work and/or readings."

Whether you're a long-time devotee of the vibrational energy therapy, Reiki, and other practices, or a doubting Thomas, the Spirit Quest Center is delightful experience full of kind people and interesting teachings. "Chris and I love what we do and we feel very grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to work with the wonderful souls who live in Spring and our surrounding communities!"

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