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Expert Advice on Your Home Repairs: An Interview with Gary Roberts of Nail Driven Projects Inc.

By Gary Roberts

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Nail Driven Projects Inc. is a home builder/home remodeling company and I have been building and remodeling homes since 1979. We build custom homes from the ground up in all sizes and we do room additions, second story additions and kitchens and baths, Gazebos, porch covers, etc. Anything that a house has to offer we will do.

Can you briefly explain what a handyman (home repair) contractor is and what qualifications one should have?

We are not a handyman service but a handyman service is like your car mechanic. You want it running right. Your house needs normal maintenance repairs done on a regular basis just like a car. You have to paint and change filters and service it to keep it up. The beauty of it is you can upgrade a home to improve value with unlimited options whereas on a car you eventually run out of things you can do to it. A house is unlimited.

How is the fee/price usually set? Does the work typically come with any kind of guarantee?

Fees are based off of industry standard and or materials selected and required skill to perform the job. All work labor is guaranteed for 12 months and all mechanical and fixture guarantees are per manufacturer warranties set forth per the identified product.

What are some of the most common home repairs that people hire a handyman for?

Paint / damaged walls / Texture / Fixture failure electrical or plumbing / minor modifications

Are there any home repairs that the average homeowner should not attempt to fix on their own?

Remodels that require skilled and licensed trades

What advice can you give to people who need some repairs done but keep putting it off?

If they are maintenance issues don't put it off or it will cost you and that pricing only continues to go up. If you're considering remodeling then the rates are lower than they have been in a long time and even though the building costs are up and with the rates low it is affordable.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

You can reach us either through our website, phone or email.

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Gary Roberts has been building and remodeling homes since 1979.

Phone: 682-351-3654

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