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Euro Bakery and Cafe Offers Exquisite Pastries and Treats

By Marina Jokic

Dimitra Khan and her family moved to Spring, Texas from New York in 2001. One of the things they left behind was the exceptional selection of international cafes and patisseries. Wanting to recreate the recipes they had grown up with on a bigger scale, Khan and her husband Amjad decided the only option was to open their own bakery.

In 2009, Euro Bakery and Café was born from the cache of home-tested recipes that Khan had developed over the years. Armed with a relentless passion for pastry-making, she transformed the bakery landscape in the area by introducing more European-inspired desserts.

In addition to the bakery business, Khan also offers in-person cooking classes and training videos on her YouTube channel called "Dimitra's Dishes" which has over 13,000 subscribers.

Banking on the popularity of European specialties, Khan decided to introduce dishes and baked goods from her native Greece. Everything on the menu is prepared from scratch by using the choicest ingredients. Belgian chocolate and fresh butter are the staples of a lot of Khan's desserts. Virgin olive oil and fresh produce along with a medley of herbs and spices are elemental to many of the savory dishes.

"Let our family serve you our 'home away from home' [recipes]," she said. "Come in and enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee with a pastry in our cozy café or take it home as a treat for the family."

Euro Bakery and Café operates most of the week, Monday through Saturday, from 10am to 9pm. Closing at a later hour than most other bakeries and offering a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus give Euro Bakery an edge over the competition. Their home-style inspired methods of preparation and fresh ingredients set them apart from the vast majority of other similar establishments in the area. Going against the grain of commercial food preparation, Khan wants to share family heirloom recipes that have been passed to her through the generations and some that require painstaking effort.

Euro's menu is chock-full of dishes that burst with flavor, engaging all of our senses and challenging us to experience exotic flavors and textures. The Greek classics like spanakopita, pastitsio, moussaka, and souvlaki are the crux of the menu. Of course, Khan also insists on serving more commonly known favorites like Paninis, croissants, grilled chicken, and salmon but with a Greek twist like tzatziki sauce, feta, and pita bread on the side. It's a way of reframing traditional Greek food to fit some of the local culinary sensibilities.

"Our desserts are to die for, all homemade [and] not overly sweet," Khan said. "We use fine Belgian chocolate in our desserts and [serve our luxuriously thick] real hot chocolate."

The attention to detail and procurement of finer ingredients for their dishes make a world of difference in the long run for client retention and satisfaction. Eating at Euro Bakery and Café, you will perhaps be reminded of your grandmother's cooking, too.

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