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Ellsworth Pest Control Clears Unwanted Bugs, Rodents and Other Pests For Frisco, Allen, McKinney Communities

By Kelly Church

Located in Frisco, TX, Ellsworth Pest Control removes pesky bugs from properties without hassle for the customer. The family-owned business removes rodents, ants, bedbugs and other pests in Frisco and surrounding communities. Company president Brian Ellsworth said the company brings enough experience to make the process easy for residents.

"We are a local family-owned business with over a decade of pest control experience," Ellsworth said. "This allows us to provide great local service and make our customer's experience exceptional."

A common request for Ellsworth Pest Control is the removal of bedbugs, an inconvenient family of bugs that live in mattresses and bite human skin throughout the night. Bedbugs don't go away on their own, and can spread to other furniture (and other people's homes) easily if ignored.

"Often the first signs of bedbugs takin up residence in your home are the itching bites that people find on their skin in the morning," Ellsworth said. "These bites are usually in a straight line on exposed skin."

Bedbugs typically don't crawl onto human skin, instead preferring to bite where the skin meets the mattress, giving those affected the appearance of a line of bites. Ellsworth said most people don't have any reaction to bedbug bites, so the bugs typically go unnoticed until other signs begin to show, including brown spots on the mattress, bedbug skins on the floor or live bugs around furniture.

As for rodents, Ellsworth said they can be challenging to control once the rodents make their way in the home. For that reason, preventative measures are recommended, to avoid having to remedy the situation later.

"I always recommend that customers take time to have a professional look around the exterior of their home for rodent access points," Ellsworth said. "These can include holes around air conditioning lines, trees overhanging the roof, gaps in garage door seals [and more]. The general rule is that if you can put your pinky in a hole then a mouse can get in it and if you can put your thumb into a hole then a rat can access it."

One trick Ellsworth recommends for clients who have rodent issues is keeping a rodent bait station outside of the home. These bait stations include food, water and shelter, giving the rodents everything they are looking for without going inside the house.

Ellsworth Pest Control can also help get rid of mosquitos, spiders, wasps and larger pests like birds and bats that can potentially carry diseases.

Residents can sign up for one of Ellsworth Pest Control's plans that charge a monthly fee to regularly inspect for pests. These plans are specifically catered to certain areas and the pests that are commonly found there. Payment plans start at $35 per month and go up to $65. For more information, visit ellsworthpestcontrol.com.

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