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Designing Landscaping Lighting: an Interview with Cassie Filip of Denton Lawn Sprinkler, Inc

By Cassie Filip

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Denton Lawn Sprinkler, Inc. has been in business for over 35 years caring for our customers and providing a multitude of services in which are in high demand. We serve Denton, TX, and its surrounding areas. Today, John Crew is the proud owner and operator of the company, carrying on having received a degree in business from the University of North Texas and becoming a Licensed Irrigator as well as a Licensed Backflow tester.

What are some of the services your company provides?

Denton Lawn Sprinkler Inc., provides services for both residential and commercial customers, including lawn sprinkler installation and sprinkler repair, lawn maintenance, stone work, sod, landscape design, drainage, backflow testing, tree and shrub trimming, fence repair, landscape lighting and much more.

What different types of outdoor landscape lights are on the market today?

Selecting between LED (light emitting diode) or a low voltage type of lighting would be your starting point. Our guys recommend our brass collection from Kitchler Lighting.

How do different styles of light provide different uses?

Many styles of light provide you with different accents to the landscape. Whether you want to highlight just the main focal points, boost elegance in flower beds or lighting up a walkway they all create something special to your home.

What are at least three things you think about when designing lighting for customers?

Now when designing landscape lighting for our customers, familiarizing yourself with the home and focusing on the main highlights of the landscape, helps to imagine the atmosphere the customer is trying to achieve. Depending on the style preferred, effects and durability as well as cost are just a few deciding factors on this journey,

For clients who wish to have landscape lighting, but don't wish to have insects flocking to the light, what do you suggest?

To prevent pesky insects swarming your fixtures, there are a few preventable tricks. By decreasing the ultraviolet output and calming the brightness level with introducing the right color, preferably, a yellow low voltage-bulb helps decrease the amount of bugs buggin' you.

What's the best way to reach you and your company?

Denton Lawn Sprinkler would appreciate hearing from you so we can do what we can to make your home look just as good as it feels. The best way to reach our teams, call us at anytime between the hours of 9am ? 5pm Monday thru Friday.

**Call the Office for any additional questions.

Office: (940) 387-3268

Fax: (940) 382-8697

Email: service@dentonlawnsprinkler.com

**Schedule FREE estimates for New Sprinkler Installations, Sod, and Drainage.

**Visit our website www.dentonlawnsprinkler.com

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