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Deception Specialist Sonu Varkey Amazes Lewisville with Magical Trickery

By Courtney Clark

Not often does one hear about a professional marketing himself as a Deception Specialist. However, this is how Sonu Varkey makes his living. The Lewisville magician has earned Top 10 placements on Thumbtack and Yelp by going beyond what audiences expect from simple magic. Available for all types of events, Varkey is sure to amaze.

Originally from India, Varkey moved with his family to Texas at the age of two. When he was ten years old, he was exposed to magic at Vacation Bible School. A visiting magician helped him assist and, according to Varkey himself, when he was on stage and saw the audiences' reactions to her tricks, he was hooked.

He began reading tons of books about the subject and started doing magic as a hobby in high school in college (it "was a great way to meet girls," he says). With a day job as a real estate broker, performing and getting reactions from audiences is Varkey's greatest joy.

As for calling himself a Deception Specialist, Varkey says, "The title magician is too cliché, and people immediately think of somebody wearing a tuxedo and pulling a rabbit out of a hat. My style of Magic is more modern and cutting-edge." The performer aims to impress today's high-tech audiences by pushing boundaries. With the Internet as competition (text messages, social media, etc.), Varkey customizes his performances to his audiences.

Despite uniquely tailored experiences, Varkey does have a few rules for each show. First, he must have his sleeves rolled up; this way, a trick can't be up his sleeve. Second, he must be "clean" at the end. Varkey explains, "It means you can examine my hands, my props, whatever as much as you want. I don't have to ditch anything, and you can't see how I did the effect."

Finally, his magic is interactive. With performances on websites such as YouTube, everyone has seen magic tricks - but not many have experienced it first-hand. So, he says, "For nearly all of my effects, whether I'm doing close up or a stage/parlor show, I have at least one volunteer."

The Deception Specialist has made quite a name for himself. He has performed at Globelife Park, Neiman Marcus, the Ritz Carlton, on Good Morning Texas, and even on the Learning Channel. Audiences have included Tony Shalhoub, Steve Buechele, the Cowboys' 2012 offensive line, and more. With all of the experience under his belt, Lewisville audiences are sure to appreciate what other tricks he'll have up his sleeve.

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