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Dallas Burger Bar Encourages Folks to Get Their Grub On with Southern-Style Burger Creations

By Marina Jokic

Grub has really mastered the art of the burger and made it look simple. Ironically, they don't cut corners to save time. Instead, they make sure they have fresh ingredients, make their buns and sauces from scratch, and grind their meat in-house.

"Grub Burger Bar strives to be anything but just another burger concept," says Marketing Assistant Mollie O'Neal. The acronym GRUB stands for good people, real food, unique vibe and big flavors- the four fundamental principles behind the Grub Burger Bar brand and operations. Chef-inspired menu offerings are both exceptional in quality and far from ordinary, O'Neal points out.

For instance, Grub tries to source some of its ingredients locally as much as possible. From the signature chuck blend, which is actually ground in-house, to the baked from scratch buns every hour on the hour and homemade sauces, Grub Burger Bar really sets the bar high for other burger joints in Dallas.

"The two characteristics that really set Grub apart, however, are the good people and unique vibe," O'Neal says. The quality of the meals is definitely crucial in making Grub's name famous among the Dallas community, but it is the Southern hospitality mixed with a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that really makes the difference. But what brought on the decision to focus on burgers? O'Neal says it's the belief that simple food made well is what brings back customers, and burgers definitely fit the bill.

Grub was founded in 2012 in College Station by Texas A&M graduate Jimmy Loup. With a background in hospitality, an authentic passion for food, and business acumen, he made it his primary goal to create a concept that was both simple and extraordinary as oxymoronic as that sounds. Loup believed that the majority of people flocked to simply prepared foods that were affordable and executed to perfection. For that reason, he banked on creating the Grub concept of burgers and fries done flawlessly. Ensuring that only the freshest of ingredients made it into his kitchen, Loup was able to provide consistency of flavor and high quality to his customers which made him highly successful.

After what turned out to be a rousing success, Grub was launched in several other markets--Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta?and has been improving and expanding ever since. An additional three locations are set to open this year, bringing the company total to eighteen stores nationwide. Consistency of service and flavor have been Loup's winning ticket.

To newcomers, O'Neal recommends Grub's signature Shiner Bock hand-battered onion rings, a traditional favorite, in addition to classic burgers such as the Lockhart Legend, Guacapotle, and Jive Turkey. Grub is not all burgers and fries, of course. They have something for the health conscious consumer as well. Their Napa Salad with mixed greens, arugula, strawberries, figs, and hazelnuts is a nutritional bullet. The Pesto Turkey Cobb Salad and Salmon Filet Bowl are also quite popular.

A burger is not complete without a milk shake by its side, so Grub offers a fun selection, virgin and spiked, in many different flavors such as strawberry, mint chocolate chip, Nutella, Root Beer Float, and Bourbon and Caramel. Their Dirty Kitchen Sink shake features chocolate vodka, pretzels, peanut butter, salt, butterscotch sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, coffee grounds and potato chips- almost everything but the sink!

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