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CrossFit Annihilation: Join the Fitness Program of Athletes Worldwide

By S. Mathur

CrossFit is becoming popular because it helps people to transform their bodies. It's a strength training and conditioning program used by many police academies, military special operations units, martial arts champions, and professional athletes. If that sounds rather intimidating, Samuel Epps, General Manager at CrossFit Annihilation in Katy, TX says that it shouldn't. It's also about finding a supportive community, as aspect that surprises many people but helps to account for the popularity of the program.

"I think that the popularity has a lot to do with the results people get and the community they become a part of," he says, "The CrossFit prescription, 'Constantly varied high intensity functional movement' works remarkably at helping people achieve their genetic potential. There have been many imitators but none that deliver results as well as CrossFit. The community aspect is something that surprises most new members."

Making an interesting comparison, he likens this community to the neighborhood bar where you stop off after work, before going home: "CrossFit has been remarkable at meeting the need people have of a "third space." It's not home, it's not work, it's a place where everyone knows your name. Like the show "Cheers" without as much alcohol and way more fitness -Sorry Norm."

CrossFit training is designed to be broad, general, and inclusive, and the only specialty is not specializing. This type of fitness works in the areas of combat, survival, sports, and life itself. There are CrossFit programs suited for beginners as well as experienced athletes. The biggest advantage of CrossFit, Epps feels, is its scalability and the adaptability of each workout.

Especially for beginners, workouts can be varied by by increasing or decreasing the weight used, reps, or duration prescribed: "Take something as "intimidating" as a deadlift. While many of our members can lift over 500 lbs. in this lift at its core it is basically just picking something off the ground. The only difference here is how heavy the thing your lifting off the ground is and teaching you the right way to pick it up."

For more experienced CrossFitters, there are regional competitions, grid leagues, and statewide and national competitions. As well as regular CrossFit, the gym has classes in endurance programming, pure strength, weightlifting and gymnastics. The Annihilation Games are an annual competition hosted at the No-Label Brewery every year in January. CrossFit Annihilation has two locations: the original is located in the heart of old Katy and a new location just opened off the Westpark Tollway.

Clients love CrossFit for a number of reasons, as these comments show.

"Everyone welcomes you in and you feel right in place right away, The trainers explain everything and they have a great support system- Great place to start when you feel so out of place with exercising !"
"Great coaches! They all have been very helpful. They take time to make sure you're doing movements right to ensure proper technique. The atmosphere is great! Everyone helps and encourages each other. Highly recommend!

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